The Upper Prep years are a time when children really start to thrive in their chosen Co-curricular activities. They have found their unique passions and talents and as such, have an important part to play as role models, as Sports or Subject Ambassadors, providing inspiration and support to the younger children.

As part of our activities programme, we also look to provide sessions that build on the attributes we feel these older pupils need for their future. The debating club is a superb example, introducing topical discussions and raising awareness of global issues. Our residential trips also provide the settings to gain life skills that will be important for moving up through the age groups. ‘Journeys of Self-Discovery’ to Morocco and the Azores have been the highlight of many pupils in their final years at the Prep school.

Above all, our aim for the Co-curricular programme is to provide children with a happy balance in life. Even if they’re not the best at a particular activity, if it provides them with joy, then we know that a healthy and happy balance is created – embracing our deeply-held philosophy that ‘happy children thrive’.

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Additional Stretch and Challenge

As well as providing opportunity to all pupils to excel and find their joy, Framlingham College as a through-school is able to provide additional opportunities to those children that demonstrate exceptional talent in Sport, Music or Drama. In Sport, they can access the Senior school’s excellent facilities and programmes. It is not unusual for some of our Upper Prep pupils to train and play with the U14s or U16s to give them the stretch and challenge that they need.

There are also other opportunities for the Upper Prep pupils to work alongside their Senior school counterparts and benefit from the facilities, carrying out productions in the Senior school theatre, adventure training and putting on musical co-performances with members of the Senior school. We frequently timetable opportunitites for the Senior school Music Scholars to work together with the Prep school Music Scholars in composition, rehearsal and performance.

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