We recognise that at this time in their life, Upper Prep children will face many challenges in their personal and educational journeys: how to manage work stress, issues around self-image and self-esteem and how to deal with peer group pressures, to name a few.

We see our pastoral role as one of equipping our children with the individual skills to meet and rise to these inevitable challenges in life, to take risks where appropriate and to thrive. This approach ensures that each child is prepared and proactive in their response rather than needing to be reactive to a much more difficult situation.

As a result, we instil in our Upper Prep pupils a ‘growth mindset’ and a willingness to take chances, stretch themselves and not be afraid of making mistakes, all in a safe and nurturing environment. This bolsters confidence and prepares our pupils well for the next stage in their learning career.

As the oldest pupils in the Prep school, our Upper Preppers are also supported to become leaders, taking on roles such as Prefects, Subject and Co-curricular Ambassadors and carrying out duties to serve their fellow pupils throughout the school. As well as giving our older children more responsibility, it also embraces our whole school ethos of being ‘of service to the world’, encouraging pupils to be outward looking and to take their place as ‘global citizens’.

The FLOW Programme

The FLOW Programme at Framlingham has been devised to equip our pupils with the skills that they need to proactively process and manage the challenges that they will inevitably face, positively.

This graphic explains the five focus areas and the channels that the programme is delivered through.


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