Prep School

How many pupils are in each class?

Our average class size is 14. Smaller class sizes ensure that every child gets the chance to interact individually – they can ask questions and have them fully answered. Peer learning is also very important, so we like to have a large enough group in each class to spark natural challenge and to allow friendship groups to form.

When and how are the children streamed or set?

Children work in small groups from Reception. Children in Year 3 are split into ability sets for spelling. However, children are not formally put into sets until they reach Year 5, when they are then set for English and Maths. Year 6, 7 & 8 are set for English, Maths and Science.

We use setting for certain subjects to ensure that pupils are at their optimum level of challenge – we don’t want children to be bored nor overwhelmed. Development is very unpredictable. Sometimes there are periods of tremendous growth and sometimes they plateau. Children develop at different rates and we monitor it on an individual level.

How can my child revise for the entrance exam?

We use the WRAT (Wide Ranging Achievement Test) to measure academic skills in reading, sentence comprehension, spelling and maths computation. This is not something that they can revise for. We are looking for potential and an indication of how they learn. The interview is also of key importance in assessing the whole child and understanding who they are.

We ask for school reports to assess their attitude and appetite for learning and what they are like as a person and whether they will fit into the culture at Framlingham College.

Is it possible for my child to use the bus just in the mornings or once a week?

The bus service is there to support every family. We will be as flexible as we can be. Some families book just one journey a week, some book both morning and afternoons 6 days a week. It does need to be booked in advance so we can manage availability.

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How does Saturday School work?

Only Years 7 & 8 attend Saturday school in the Prep School. It starts at 08.40 and ends at 15.00. We intend it to be both enriching and purposeful. The timetable includes a programme of life-skills based activities, as well as games/matches, an opportunity to catch up on work and prep with 1:1 support of teachers and tutors and a focus on non-core subjects.

We are increasingly aware that parents with busy lives would like to see as much of their children as they can. Family is important so Years 3-6 do not attend Saturday school.

Will my child be guaranteed entry to the Senior School?

Framlingham College Senior School is a selective school with competitive entry. With a seamless curriculum though, pupils in the Prep School are naturally prepared for entry and nearly all our pupils from Framlingham College Prep School do go on to join us at the Senior School if they want to. If we do not believe that it is in the best interests of the child to progress to the Senior school, we will discuss this with the parents early on in their school career.

Do all children at the Prep school go onto the Senior School?

Most Framlingham College Prep School pupils do go on to the Senior School. We have a handful of pupils each year that progress to other schools such as Rugby, Stowe and Millfield.

Is it possible for my child to board on a couple of nights a week? 

Boarding at the Prep School is great fun and helps the children to develop self-confidence and independence which will serve them well whether they board at Senior school or not. We encourage all children to give boarding a try and as long as there is space, they can board as little or as often as they like. We have three types of boarding: 

  • Flexi – boarding – when children book in on an ad hoc basis or when children stay set night(s) each week and these are booked in advance. 
  • Weekly boarding – when children go home at the weekend. 
  • Full boarding – when children stay full time and only go home in the holidays. 

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My child has an allergy/intolerance; will you still be able to provide food? 

‘Yes’ is the simple answer. We are a nut-free school. We are very used to catering for children with allergies and intolerances such as nuts, dairy and gluten. Firstly, we like the Head of Catering and Matron to meet the parents to discuss the nature of the allergy. From here, a plan will be made, and all staff will be informed. We understand that it is more than just feeding your child safely. It is important that they do not feel as if they are different or being excluded in any way. We ensure that we cater for break-time snacks, treats, match teas as well as the main meals. Some parents like to supply a box of ‘treats’ that are suitable for their child in case an unforeseen situation arises such as another child bringing in cakes to celebrate their birthday.

We live overseas; how do I arrange flights and transfers for my child?

Once you have booked flights for your child, we will arrange transfers to and from the airport. If there are a number of students travelling at a similar time, they will travel in one of our school minibuses. If more appropriate we use a well-vetted, experienced taxi service that is very experienced in looking after young travellers.

We arrange transfers to and from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Stansted Airports and Liverpool Street Railway Station.

My child has some Learning Support – can you help with this?

Of course, we welcome children who require support. It is important that you let us know in advance if your child has specific needs so we can ensure that their needs can be managed within our Learning Support provision. Please also let us know before your visits, interviews or assessments if your child has special educational needs or a physical disability so we can ensure that adequate provision can be made for them.

Our full Learning Support Policy can be viewed here.

How do I apply for a Scholarship?

Scholarships are sought after at Framlingham College due to the exceptional pathways to excellence that are in place. We have put together a Scholarship Information Booklet. If you would like to discuss it in relation to your child, please contact our Admissions Department.

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Do you offer Bursaries?

We have a clear objective to widen the access to a Framlingham College education set out in the strategic vision, Vision 2025. Our Bursar reviews each case individually and works with the parents directly.

What are the timings of the school day and is there after school provision?

As we are a boarding school, we can offer extended care of your child before and after school.

If your child wishes to pursue an interest outside school, we can grant early dismissal on a case-by-case basis.

  • 07.45 – Breakfast Club – Children can be booked in to have breakfast with the boarders and then play together before other children arrive at school.
  • 08.15 – School starts for all year groups.
  • 16.00 – Lessons finish (17.00 on Monday’s for Lower and Upper Prep.) After-school Club can be booked, and provision is available until 18.00.


For Year 3 and above, Wednesday is match day. Team sheets are issued each week via the Parent Portal and they can be viewed on the sports notice board in the Black & White Hall. The team sheet will detail the finish time depending on whether the match is home or away.

Saturday School

08.30 – 12.45 for Year 7 & 8

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Senior School

How many pupils are in the school?

There are currently c. 400 pupils on the school roll at the Senior school. 55% of these are weekly or full boarders and 45% are day pupils (of the day pupils many flexi board or board occasionally). The boy/girl split is also 55/45.

How many international pupils are in the school?

We currently have pupils from 19 different countries including France, Germany, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Japan, Hong Kong and China which account for approximately 15% of the school roll. Framlingham College has a vibrant, diverse community with a global outlook. We welcome international pupils as we believe the benefits and learning opportunities are important for all our pupils.

How many Houses are there and who are the Housemasters and Housemistresses?

We have 7 Houses in total; 4 boys and 3 girls Houses. Pastoral care lies at the very heart of all we do here at Framlingham College and the House structure is integral to that. Every House is home to those who live there and work there – importantly for staff as much as for pupils. We fully integrate day pupils into the life of the campus by placing each one within one of these houses with flexi-boarders. (Weekly boarders and full boarders are grouped together too). This allows for a sharing of accommodation and facilities, as well as identity and encourages wonderful relationships to flourish between all pupils and boarding staff.

A team of passionate and dedicated staff will get to know each child in order to support and guide them through their time at the College.

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How are Houses decided?

If there is a pre-existing connection (grandparent, parent or sibling) with a particular House then students are automatically given the option to follow into that House. For Year 9 entry, we then allocate each pupil to Houses with careful consideration and consultation with their current school references. The strengths of individual students is looked at alongside all other pupils joining and we then allocate to get a good mix of students in each House.

For entry into all other year groups, we are more limited as it will depend on where spaces have become available. If you have a particular preference for a particular House please do let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate such requests.

Do you have a daily bus service?

There is an extensive bus network which runs to Aldeburgh and Southwold on the Suffolk Coast, Bury St Edmunds, Diss, Harleston to the North, and Ipswich to the South, daily. We also have a weekend express to Colchester and Cambridge on Saturday afternoons and Monday mornings for weekly boarders.

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Do you have Exeat/closed Weekends?

Yes, we have two exeat weekends each term, one either side of half term. However, whilst most pupils go home, our full boarders are welcome to stay if they wish to. It is obviously not practical for full boarders to travel home and therefore we take care of any boarder who stays here over Exeat. Often, UK pupils will invite full boarders to their homes for Exeat and so long as parents give their consent, that is absolutely fine.

Where do pupils go onto after A Levels and what do they do at university?

We are so proud of the breadth of institutions and countries that our pupils go onto study at, and the careers that our pupils pursue after Framlingham College. Our measure of success is the variety of paths chosen by our pupils, as we nurture individuals. We have leavers that have won a musical recording contract, have been awarded a full hockey scholarship to Stanford University in the US, that go to Oxbridge to study Law, that study Ship Design, Fine Art, that gain an apprenticeship with Rolls Royce. Every year is different as every pupil is different. We do know that we support each child to be the very best they can be and to be informed of the opportunities on offer to them so that they can make the decision to study further in the UK or abroad to continue their story at the highest level.

list of Leavers Destinations

What activities can my child get involved with and when?

Our activities programme is broad and varied. Your child can get involved in extra-curricular sport, drama and music. We are a leading provider of the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme in the country. From Year 10 pupils can also join CCF or Rangers. Our enrichment activities carousel From Year 9 – 13, includes activities such as circus skills, code-breaking, debating, bridge, aqua-fit, gravity go-kart racing, drone flying, lego robot league, Dragons’ Den, photography, and Chinese calligraphy amongst many others. We believe that a passion can be ignited from a new experience and we want to give our pupils as many new experiences as possible to fuel their curiosity and help them discover more about themselves and the world around them

Do you offer Learning Support?

We welcome pupils who require learning support, providing the specific needs of the child can be managed within the school’s normal provision. However, we advise parents of children with special educational needs or physical disabilities to discuss their child’s requirements with us in advance so that adequate provision can be made prior to visits, interviews and any necessary entrance exam or assessment.

In the Academic Support Department, we make the pupil the centre of all we do and do our utmost to provide flexible responsive support which matches individual learning needs as closely as possible. We work with pupils to help them to develop their learning strengths and preferences, in order to maximise success and enable them to have control and ownership of their learning. We liaise closely with teachers, pastoral staff and parents, in the knowledge that support is most effective when there is a collaborative approach, giving consistent all-round support for the pupil.

What time does the day start and finish for Day pupils?

The day starts at 08.15 with registration and formal lessons and activities finish between 17.00 and 18.00. However, Day pupils can stay for Supper and Prep and spend the evening in House if they would like to.


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