As an ISI Inspector, I am acutely aware of the importance of Inspections for any school. They are a way of demonstrating progress and development in the Education that we provide. Inspections are an opportunity to show that we have listened to the previous inspection feedback and continue to evolve our educational provision.

We are always mindful of all regulatory requirements such as the ISI expectations and guidance, the National Minimum Standards for Boarding, the DfE’s Teachers’ Standards and the Independent Schools Standards Regulations.

2015 saw the last full Inspection of Framlingham College, now known as an EQI (Educational Quality Inspection). I was a member of the ISI Inspection team who came and spent three days at the Senior School in 2015. Not only was the inspection a great success in terms of the inspection report that followed, it was also one of the reasons that three years’ later, I decided to apply for the Headship of Framlingham College. I saw in 2015 a school brimming with potential, and I am delighted that I am here now as Principal, able to bring that potential to fruition.

Since 2015, the College has also had a Compliance Inspection (2018) which again was successful. No qualified judgements are made in a Compliance Inspection other than the school being compliant or non-compliant. Compliance Inspections are essential in ensuring that a school has all its policies up to date and published appropriately. As the summaries show, Framlingham College is compliant in all aspects of its educational provision.

“Teachers know their pupils well and have an excellent working relationship with them which stimulates progress.”

We are looking forward to the next EQI which is due in April 2022 but which may happen at any point. This will give us the opportunity to show the Inspection team exactly what our Educational provision is about and how we will have built on the very positive inspection from 2015.

The 2015 Full Inspection (EQI) reports found that both Prep and Senior schools are highly successful in their aim to ‘provide a holistic, high quality education with strong pastoral care that encourages pupils to aim high in their academic studies and co-curricular activities’. The College was deemed to be ‘excellent’ in all the key areas of school life: teaching, learning, achievement, co-curricular provision and achievement, pastoral care and the pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The Senior School and Sixth Form received particular praise for the quality of the ‘excellent’ teaching and learning at the school. The report noted that ‘relationships between pupils and teachers are of the highest quality’ and that the ‘standard of personal development is exceptionally high’, describing the pupils as being ‘open and friendly to all, creating an excellent atmosphere within the school’. The Prep School was praised for its ‘excellent’ pastoral care and for the opportunities it provides for personal development. The report also noted the ‘excellent experience’ enjoyed by pupils under our flexible boarding arrangements.

All that said, we will never be complacent in our approach to our educational provision. There is always more to be done. I am very fortunate to have a strong team of staff and senior leaders who are committed to constant improvement and development of our provision with the children at the centre of every decision that we make. In the last year, this has been tested more than ever and I am very proud of the way in which we have adjusted our educational provision to the remote learning world. I look forward to welcoming ISI to Framlingham College in the near future, to show them the many ways in which our educational provision is evolving as we ready our young people to thrive as global citizens in their adult world.

  • “Relationships between pupils and teachers are of the highest quality”
  • “Teachers know their pupils well and have an excellent working relationship with them which stimulates progress”
  • “Pupils are very appreciative of the generosity of teachers who are available outside lesson times for additional support”

Learning Support

  • “Pupils with SEND and EAL achieve highly in relation to their abilities”.
  • “A strong learning support department provides teachers with a clear understanding of the needs of pupils and adjustments which can be made in the classroom to support them both for the most able pupils as well as those with SEND.”

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Prep School – Educational Quality Inspection (EQI) ISI Report 2015

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