At Framlingham we believe in the individual. There is no typical Framlinghamian, no singular path that we take: we are academics, actors, musicians, expeditioners, sports people, innovators, scientists, ruminators, decision makers, story tellers, teammates, artists, fun lovers, nurturers and thought provokers. Often, we are many things within one. But we are all individual, each with our own story.

Education is about readying each young person for their adult world. An ambitious learning culture permeates all that we do and as educators, we believe in inspiring, guiding and equipping our pupils with skills such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence, good judgement and decision-making. We are aspirational for every pupil and are committed to instilling in each of them a life-long curiosity and a love of enquiry.

When a young person joins Framlingham College, they are welcomed because of who they are. They are valued for their experience, their history, their ambition and their belief in their future. Our job is to encourage them to seek out challenge, to embrace opportunity and to give them the time to reflect and to learn from each experience. In doing so, we enable them to better understand themselves and the world around them.

We focus on each child’s wellbeing because we know that a happy child will thrive. From our House structure to our experienced and well-trained tutors, our pastoral care is outstanding. And in its own way, our location – the beautiful countryside and big Suffolk skies – plays a significant part in the wellbeing of our pupils. There is space to think, to take a breath and to gain perspective.

Inspired by the individuality, entrepreneurialism and creativity of this region, our pupils’ paths will be varied. Recent leavers have gone on to study Film Making, PPE, Biomedical Sciences, Design, Anthropology, Artificial Intelligence, Physics, Drama, Psychology and Criminology. Others have left to pursue musical careers, having secured recording contracts or places at Conservatoires, others gain sports scholarships to Stanford. All find their own individual path and this variety is our definition of success.

All of our pupils leave with an appreciation of the education they have experienced and an awareness of the issues facing society, inspired to give back to their community. I hope that you enjoy exploring our website and that you too will be inspired.

Louise North
Principal, Framlingham College

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