Our Purpose

To develop in each child the knowledge and skills they need to thrive as global citizens in their adult world.

Our Philosophy

With our ambitious learning culture, a focus on the individual and a breadth and blend of opportunities, we help every child to discover and develop their talents to create their own life-story.

Framlingham College – Where individuals flourish…

Our pupils are at the heart of the College. Surrounding every pupil is the support of their Tutor, House Mistress or Master, their teachers, the chaplain, and their peer mentors getting to know them and what makes them tick. Our size, structure and ethos mean that our entire focus is on understanding, guiding and inspiring each child individually – so they can find their own voice, their confidence, self-belief and aspiration, discover their own talents, challenge themselves to achieve more than they thought possible and reach their full potential.

…and where rural beauty has a global horizon.

Framlingham College is a community with a strong sense of place. Our location in the heart of rural Suffolk creates a special atmosphere – of freedom and rootedness, of space to think and room to grow. And from here, our horizons are global. We are a diverse community with young people from many countries and cultures. Our innately entrepreneurial spirit helps us to embrace the opportunities of our fast-changing world and prepare our pupils to take their place in a global society.

Where Next?