When your time at Framlingham College comes to an end, your lifelong membership to our club of Old Framlinghamians is just beginning.

The Society of Old Framlinghamians was founded in 1900 and, over more than a century of development, the objectives of the group have not changed.

First and foremost, the Society exists to promote the interests of Framlingham College. It is thanks largely to the Society that the school has been able to develop such excellent facilities for the existing pupils and for generations to come. The Society is committed to the style of education uniquely provided here at Framlingham College and exists, therefore, to find ways of enhancing the provision for pupils.

For many people, leaving school often means the last time they ever see many of their classmates. However, at Framlingham College, the Society of Old Framlinghamians is there to ensure this does not happen, so close friends do not lose touch. One of the core roles of the group is to organise events across the country and abroad, for those members who do not live in the UK, to reconnect and reminisce about school days as well as looking ahead together. The Society organises sporting events too, between the current cohort of pupils and teams made up of former pupils. Often younger members of the Society organise more informal get-togethers too. The group is unquestionably a well-functioning hub of shared experience and community to which every pupil whoever studied here belongs.

The Society has well over 4,000 members of all ages and occupations around the globe. It supports the College in every possible way, and is a vital network for engagement between Framlinghamians across the generations.”

Peter Howard-Dobson, President of The SOF

Another significant role of the Society is as a point of connection between younger OFs, who are just starting out on their journey, and older former pupils, who have gone on to develop their careers. The shared experience that these two groups have, of benefitting from a Framlingham College education, provides a connection in more ways than just circumstance. The morals, principles and commitment to individual interests are present in recent pupils just as they are held by our more senior alumni too. Each member of the Society of Old Framlinghamians therefore has much to gain from a shared bond, either professionally or simply for social reasons. It is a central pillar of the Society that shared experience and different perspective enriches us all, it is the role of the Society to facilitate this.

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