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At Framlingham, we are interested in uncovering genuine scholarliness. We want our Scholars to demonstrate excellence and commitment, curiosity and a spirit of inquiry. We are looking for a genuine hunger to develop knowledge and understanding, and a willingness to promote the joy to be found in learning different skills.

Scholarships at Framlingham College are highly sought after because of the outstanding pathways that we provide for our Scholars. These pathways offer opportunities for mentoring, enrichment and extension in all fields. We challenge our Scholars and encourage them to question the status quo. We instil in them a profound sense of purpose and whole-hearted commitment. In return we expect our Scholars to push themselves as far they can go, to set the example, inspire others and be ambassadors for the College in all that they do.

Applications for 11+, 13+ and 16+ awards are welcomed from pupils currently studying at both state and independent schools. Scholarships are based on interviews, performance and assessment. Applicants should be motivated by the opportunities for development that are available through the individual pathways. It is an honour to be selected as a Scholar.

It is a wonderful thing if a child has talent, ambition and a hunger to develop further. At Framlingham, we provide the right environment for these talents to flourish and we are delighted, every year, to welcome new Scholars to the College.

Application deadlines and assessment dates

Year 7 (11+ Entry)

  • Application Deadline: TBC
  • Assessments: TBC

Year 9 (13+ Entry)

  • Application Deadline: TBC
  • Assessments:
    • Academic: TBC
    • Sport: TBC
    • Performing & Creative Arts: TBC

Sixth Form (16+ Entry)

  • Application Deadline: 4pm on Friday 15 October 2021
  • Assessments:
    • Academic: Tuesday 02 November 2021
    • Sport: Thursday 04 November 2021
    • Performing & Creative Arts: Monday 15 November 2021

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