What will your legacy be?

Just as a Will brings security to your family’s future, a legacy to Framlingham College will secure the future of the school, providing our pupils with a forward thinking education. We focus on the potential of each individual, developing their skills as much as their knowledge so that they will be equipped for their adult world. A legacy from you will allow us to keep our equipment up-to-date, to modernise our facilities and to invest in the very best teachers. We cannot do this without support and we would like to introduce the Framlingham College Legacy Campaign to you.

A group of Sixth Form pupils working

A Will is a legally witnessed document which states how you wish your estate, after your death, to be divided up between family, friends and charities.  Any donation to charity is exempt from inheritance tax and is defined as a legacy.  Your donation will help future pupils – perhaps even your own grandchildren – to create their own story here at the College, inspired by their beautiful surroundings and by the opportunities available to them.

Legacies Brochure Legacy Form * Codicil Form

* Please save this form to your computer. You can either print this form and return via post, or attach the form to an email and return to Martin Myers-Allen – mmyers-allen@framlinghamcollege.co.uk.

The College is a tale of generosity and past legacies have had a huge impact on the school. Recent examples include the 2006 refurbishment of the Athlone Hall, creating the impressive Headmaster Porter Theatre within, and the 2016 refurbishment and extension of the old pavilion to create the outstanding Fowler Pavilion on the Back.  We already know several people who intend to leave us substantial legacies.  They are now members of our prestigious benefactors’ club, the 1864 Club, and are actively engaged and interested in the College’s work.  They are helping shape our future and you can too.

Your generosity and support will help to ensure that Framlingham College remains at the forefront of education for future generations of Framlinghamians. Thank you on behalf of the entire College community. As soon as I have received your form(s), I will be in touch.

If you require more information, please contact me:

T: 01728 723789 (College Reception)

E: mmyers-allen@framlinghamcollege.co.uk

Martin Myers-Allen
Director of Development

The Impact

Together, with your support, we can transform young people’s lives and help them create their own story.

"I have just retired at 75, and anything I have achieved in life I owe to the start I was given at Framlingham College and I have been happy to do what I can to repay that debt."

Jim Butchart
Old Framlinghamian

"We have done something very special for all those young people to help turn them into the outstanding individuals they are at 25, 30 and, no doubt, for life and this is what makes the whole College such a fine place."

Andrew Fane OBE
Former Chair of Governors, Framlingham College

"For six years, in many respects, Framlingham was my home and the academic grounding there, the all-round education and most importantly the sport had a huge influence on the rest of my life. For this I am forever thankful."

Norman Mayhew
Old Framlinghamian

"We entreat the College to continue the educate broadly, care tenderly, and send out well-rounded, good citizens into the world, and we need to support that effort wherever possible."

Chris Shaw and Mike Garnett
Old Framlinghamians