Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. Memberships will be granted at the discretion of Framlingham College Sports Centre (herewith referred to as ‘’the Centre’’), which is part of Framlingham College.
  2. A membership is only valid once the joining fee and membership fee has been paid and all of the statutory paperwork and direct debit mandate (if applicable) has been completed.
  3. Membership includes access to the Centre and use of its facilities during opening hours. There will be an extra charge for attendance of classes, hire of Sports Hall, Astro Turf and Squash Court facilities.
  4. Membership is not transferable and the Centre reserves the right to refuse any application or renewal of membership without notice and without giving any reason for doing so.
  5. Members will be required to register at Reception on each visit to the Centre. Members will receive a membership card upon joining to sign-in with. In the event that your membership card is lost, stolen or damaged, replacement cards will cost £5.
  6. The Centre may, without notice, terminate a membership if a Member is in breach of any of these conditions. The Centre shall also be entitled to terminate membership immediately in the event of:
    • Theft, vandalism or deliberate damage to the Centre or College property;
    • Refusal to comply with the instructions of the Centre staff in relation to our policies, procedures or safety;
    • Inappropriate behaviour towards staff, college students, other members or guests;
    • Non-payment of fees.
  7. In the case of a membership being terminated, it shall be at the sole discretion of the Management whether or not all, part or any of the membership fee is refundable.
Annual Membership
  1. Annual membership will run for a period of 12 months from the date of commencement and will automatically cease at the end of the initial term unless you choose to renew it. Regrettably, no refunds can be given if you terminate your membership before the expiry date.
Monthly Membership
  1. Monthly membership will run for one full calendar month and will automatically continue at the end of the initial term, fees are paid in advance at the beginning of every month by direct debit. After the initial term, you can end your membership by giving us one full calendar month’s notice. You must pay your full membership rate during your month’s notice. You can give us notice in person at reception, by calling 01728 727223 or email Example: You give notice on any day in April, but your full calendar months’ notice will not start until 1 May and you will leave on 31 May (your final payment will be for the month of May).
  2. The non-payment of a Direct Debit will automatically render your membership invalid and you will be charged a fee of £25.
  1. We may decide to increase our membership fees. We will give you a minimum of one month’s notice of any membership fee change. If you pay your membership fees as a lump-sum payment, we will only review your membership fees when your membership is due for renewal.
  1. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times whilst in the Centre.
  2. Members must go through a screening and induction process before they are allowed to use any facilities in the Centre’s Gym for the first time. The Centre reserves the right to refuse use of the facilities at any time should it be concerned about a Member’s state of physical health.
  3. Members and guests are required to wear the appropriate clothing and footwear for the activity in which they are taking part.
  4. Members are required to use the Centre in a proper and reasonable manner. The Centre reserves the right to require any Member or guest to make good or indemnify the Centre against any damage to facilities or other persons caused by any negligence or wrongful act of such Member or guest.
  5. The Centre reserves the right to refuse entry to any Member or guest into the Centre without declaring any reason for doing so and will always refuse access to the Centre and its facilities to any person who appears to be or is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  1. No responsibility will be accepted by the Centre for the loss of or damage to the property or valuables of any Member or guest, including any items of property which may be left in any lockers provided.
  2. The Centre accepts no liability for any damage, loss, illness or injury resulting from the use of the Centre’s facilities by Members or guests howsoever it may have been caused, save for death or personal injury caused by the Centre’s own negligence. The Centre accepts no liability for any illness or injury resulting from over exertion, aggravation or precipitation of any medical condition caused by the use of the Centre facilities. All persons use the facility on the expressed understanding that it is at their own risk and Members and guests are strongly advised to seek medical advice before they begin exercise at the Centre.
Data Protection Statement
  1. The information you provide on this form will be used to process your application for membership. The information will be used in the administration of your membership with us. By signing this membership form you agree to the processing of personal data (as described above), in accordance with our Membership Privacy Statement.
  1. The Centre may at any time, withdraw all or part of the facility for any period or periods of time, and with or without notice in connection with any major events, cleaning, repairs, alterations or maintenance work, or for any reason beyond their control. There will be no financial compensation to members in these circumstances.
  2. Advanced bookings of Fitness Classes can only be made a maximum of seven days in advance. If a class booking needs to be cancelled then this must be done no later than 60 minutes before the class start time. Classes that are not cancelled will result in the class fee being charged.
  3. Smoking is NOT permitted on any part of Framlingham College site or grounds.
  4. Pets are not allowed within the Sports Centre, with the exception of guide dogs.
  5. The Centre reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions, rules, fees, membership prices, available facilities and opening times at any time for any reason the management feel necessary.
Personal Training
  1. Session purchases can be made in person at the front desk or over the phone.
  2. When you purchase your session, you can request your preferred choice of Personal Trainer. You will be contacted within 24 hours of your purchase to organise your session if you haven’t already at payment.
  3. All payments must be made in full either in person or over the phone.
  4. If you wish to cancel a Personal Training session, you must give a minimum of 24 hours notice, or you will be charged the full price of the session.
  5. Sessions are charged at £35 for members and £45 for non-members.
  6. Session prices are subject to change based on rates of inflation and annual review.
  7. If your personal trainer is more than 15 minutes late for your session then you will be entitled to a complimentary session.
  8. If you are late for your session, your session will be reduced in accordance with that time.
  9. You must complete a Framlingham College Sports Centre PAR-Q before undertaking your first session and your trainer will go through this with you.
  10. Your Personal Trainer cannot prescribe treatment or diagnose medical conditions. They may at any time ask to consult with your GP if any medical condition arise.

Framlingham College Sports Centre is owned and operated by Framlingham College Enterprises Limited, Registered in England Company No. 2369719. VAT No. 521 1866 67 FCEL is wholly owned by Framlingham College, Registered Charity Number: 1114383

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