What makes a good leader?

During the especially turbulent recent period, we have become more acquainted with our global leaders than ever before. It has made critics of us all, as we compile mental form graphs in our heads of who is doing well and why and for how long. One thing we can all surely agree on, is that the leaders from all over the world, who are suddenly across all of our news channels, represent a wide variety of characteristics.

At Framlingham College, that is something we have always recognised and championed. That being a leader is not the exclusive reserve of the extroverted ‘alpha’ type people. We have seen, in real terms, just how effective compassionate and thoughtful leadership can be and we advocate that all of our pupils, no matter what their nature, should feel confident that they too can be an exceptional leader in their own way.

One thing we work hard to instil in our pupils throughout their time here and especially when they reach our Sixth Form, is to see their own individual capacity to lead. We know, that over the course of their lives, each of our pupils will lead. Whether that is as a business owner, leading a team at work or as a parent, there are thousands of different forms of leadership. During their time at the College, we aim to teach our pupils to become strong, considered and compassionate leaders, capable of seeing different perspectives in a debate while being decisive in their actions. We recognise that one of our principal roles in educating our Sixth Formers is to equip them with the skills so that they could lead as well as instilling in them the confidence and belief that they can.

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