Our Careers Programme is designed to inform, support and inspire pupils at all stages. We give them a rich variety of opportunities and interaction with employers, as well as all the tools necessary to support them in creating a ‘route map’ towards their career ambitions.

At the Senior School, this process begins in Year 9 PSHE, where pupils reflect on their skills and attributes, look at employability and begin to research routes into work. Pupils are also exposed to valuable Life Skills here, looking at financial decisions, economic security and fundamental budgeting. They revisit these topics and develop their understanding further in Year 10 and 11. They also begin to create CVs and practise interview techniques; skills that continue to be enhanced in the Sixth Form.

I have been fortunate enough to have grown up amongst the idyllic and tranquil setting of Framlingham College. A school full of possibilities and opportunities where I have been prepared for taking on the outside world with an abundance of experiences and pathways.”

Lucas Walker – Year 13, Day Pupil

We know each of our pupils well, as individuals. We are familiar with their differing needs and aspirations. Some have a clear direction in mind from an early age, but many do not. With the help of Career Aptitude testing and Career Interviews, we support and empower each pupil to make those important decisions, such as Sixth Form subjects, post-18 options and ultimately, career choices.

Pupils need to make well-informed decisions about their choice of university and course, and their applications must be carefully considered. However, we are aware that this, in itself, is not enough. It is increasingly the case that graduate jobs are offered to applicants with a strong CV, that demonstrates relevant work experience. We therefore arrange mentors from the world of work to support individual pupils, as well as work experience in a wide variety of career fields. Our parent body and our alumni regularly offer their time and support to our pupils.

Higher Education

Tutors and the Higher Education department work closely with each Sixth Form pupil to ensure that the build-up to life beyond the Sixth Form is thorough, individual and carefully considered.

With this in mind, preparation for the university application process begins early. In the Lower Sixth we run both a Higher Education Conference and a Careers Conference, providing extensive guidance and information about the options open to our pupils when considering university applications and careers.

We use highly valuable online platforms such as NetSixthForm and Unifrog to help pupils to research courses that are in tune with their skills and interests. All departments make use of connections with universities to inspire pupils, and we invite representatives from a wide range of institutions to come and speak about the opportunities they offer, as well as give more general information about the university experience.

The principle of our university guidance is that each individual is respected for the hopes and ambitions they have, and is given every assistance to achieve their goals. Those wishing to take a medical path or who wish to apply to Oxbridge are identified early and guided through the process by specialist members of staff.

The school´s support has been incredibly important for me at the time of making important decisions such as my university applications. My Housemistress, the Head of Careers, and the Heads of Department were incredibly helpful when guiding me through the whole process.”

Rita García Hernández – Year 13, Spanish International Pupil, Pembroke House Captain


Read Leo’s Bio

Leo is our Master i/c Oxbridge. His role is to support, guide and encourage those pupils who aspire to study at Oxford or Cambridge well before the application itself is made. Pupils with high academic potential are often identified through our academic scholarship pathway. Heads of Section, Teachers, Tutors and HMs will also encourage pupils who demonstrate an intellectual curiosity and hunger to learn. Our academic enrichment programme gives rich and varied opportunities for pupils to take their learning beyond the curriculum.

More formal guidance is provided as pupils embark on their GCSEs, while trips to Oxford and Cambridge Open Days help pupils understand the demands, challenges and rewards of studying at such esteemed universities. Choices for Sixth Form study are important and pupils are guided through this with weekly opportunities to touch base with the Oxbridge Coordinator, as they begin to mull over the opportunities available and what they need to do ahead of the application itself.

Our pupils enter the Upper Sixth with a clear plan and they are supported through the Autumn term application process ahead of the mid October Oxbridge UCAS deadline. Mock interviews are held using a variety of subject experts from our OF community, our parents and staff from other schools. In this way, pupils are interviewed by teachers who do not know them personally – making it all the more realistic.


Read an Interview with Ruth

Dr Ruth Noble, teacher of Chemistry and Biology and a qualified dental surgeon, mentors Framlinghamians applying for Medicine. Drawing upon her experience and her network of connections with clinical practitioners and medical school registrars, she provides an individual programme for Year 9 pupils onwards. She is supported by her colleagues in the Science Department: Dr Richard Higgins, Head of Science and Chemistry; Mrs Clare Collins, Head of Biology; and Mr Dino Constanti, Head of Physics.

Pupils with a love of science have many opportunities to gain experiences that extend beyond the curriculum, further igniting their interest in science-based careers. In Chemistry, pupils regularly participate in competitions, such as the ‘Top of the Bench’ and the ‘Young Chemical Analyst’. The Physics department is part of the Ogden Trust Partnership and pupils regularly attend events such as the Cambridge Sixth Form Lectures, the Cambridge Physics at Work Exhibition and the Isaac Physics tutorials. The Biology department has links with the Babraham Institute and pupils attend its Schools’ Day for hands-on experience. In partnership with AMGEN the Biology Department provides experience in using the latest laboratory molecular techniques to produce recombinant DNA.

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