An Introverted Extrovert

Rose Winter, OF (Moreau House 2011 – 2019)

A*AA, full hockey scholarship to Stanford University, California

When Framlingham’s hockey coaches remember former pupil Rose, they envisage speed, skill, lethal attacking down the right-hand side and wonderful athleticism. This determination and grit no doubt lead her to her ultimate goal: a full Stanford University hockey scholarship.

Joining the College in Year 9, Rose went on to become a hockey sensation, Head Girl and then to one of the world’s top universities. She exceeded the high expectations her tutors had for her every single day. In this way, Rose is testament to the fact that anything is possible with guidance, support and an excellent work ethic.

Sporting prowess alone would not have carried Rose to California, but she knuckled down and smashed her university entry grades and the rest of the admissions’ criteria.

Rose describes Framlingham as ‘setting her up for the future’ – while current pupils still refer to her as one of the greatest former Head Girls. Her altruism, innate politeness and empathetic outlook made her an exceptional role model and a loyal friend to many.

Rose’s nuanced strengths – quiet self-conviction and inner confidence, yet outgoing optimism and hatred of losing at anything – have all paved the way for her extraordinary success.

Framlingham’s loss is Stanford’s gain and we can’t wait to see where Rose’s raw pace takes her next.

Headshot of Framlingham College pupil Rose

Where Next?