A Role Model for Ambition

Veronika L, Year 13 (Pembroke House)

100% in EPQ, predicted four A*s at A-Level

A kind, gentle, incredibly humble student who underplays her achievements. This unassuming exterior, however, belies a genuine enthusiasm and an ardent ambition. Some might call her an ‘aspirational introvert’.

Veronika joined Framlingham from Slovakia in the Sixth Form as an HMC Scholar. Her passions range from piano playing to hiking, reading to skiing. It has also been said she’s a bit of a whizz with a Rubik’s Cube.

But Physics is her one true love, and she’s devoted to sharing this love far and wide – her dream to bring her wisdom to those less fortunate.

Framlingham has provided her with a joyous immersion in the subjects she loves – Physics and Maths. Far sooner than she would have done in her native country, where she has gained access to internships usually reserved for university students.

Getting hands-on in practicals and presenting lively discussions to peers on Black Holes has re-ignited her vision for the future – to selflessly imbue in others her love of science. In the future, younger pupils will certainly be lost without her on Maths or Physics prep night!

With a blossoming confidence amongst her peers, as well as in English, greatly enhanced by her boarding experience and positive encouragement from her tutors, Veronika has forged her place as an inspiring Framlinghamian.

Veronika’s potential is vast, her future bright, and the field of Physics will undoubtedly advance with her involvement.

Truly, she is a ‘Role Model for Ambition’.

Headshot of Framlingham College pupil Veronika

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