Infectiously Creative

Harry B, Year 12 (Kerrison House)

Art Scholar. Applying to study Architecture.

The ultimate adventurer and never one to leave an opportunity unexplored, Harry is driven to expand his creative frontiers like few others.

Having joined Framlingham in Year 10 as an Art Scholar, he will be the first to admit he made mistakes before starting afresh at the College. But since then, he hasn’t looked back, grabbing with a determined zeal and an unrelenting positivity, every opportunity that has come his way – from representing the Charity Committee to taking on CCF Leadership training.

Unafraid to be uniquely individual and independent in his artistic endeavours, he has carved out his own unique path to success. Harry has an unmatched determination and doggedness to wholly fulfil his creative vision, all with meticulous planning and precision.

Since his rocky beginnings he has achieved the comendable role of Art Ambassador, displaying an admirable maturity, an aptitude for leadership and commanding the respect of his class who see him as an exemplar of creative inquiry and depth of thought.

Framlingham has provided him with an environment to grow, prosper, lead, express himself and to demonstrate his fantastic nature to younger pupils – his creativity is deeply infectious.

Harry’s talents will take him far in the future. He has ambitions to be an architect, with aspirations to learn his craft as an apprentice – a vision of the future he has carefully planned in his own inimitable and infectiously creative way.

Headshot of Framlingham College pupil Harry

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