We are a traditional Nursery which aspires to create independent learners who are curious about the world around them and who are confident to get their needs met. This includes their learning needs. We aim to ensure children retain that confidence, curiosity and desire to learn all the way through their education.

Because the purpose-built Nursery building is set amongst stunning natural scenery, the Nursery staff regularly take the children outside for activities, walks and learning games out in the fresh air; perhaps they design a rocket ship in the sand, or create a treasure map to follow in the grounds. The Nursery building is located within Framlingham College Prep School and therefore benefits from the secure and tranquil grounds and incredible facilities of the wider school.

We recognise that all children are different and our small class sizes and range of indoor and outdoor activities ensures that our children are always comfortable and engaged with the activities involved in their development.

Pastoral Care and Safeguarding

Pastoral care is inextricably linked to education at this stage in a child’s development so care is interwoven at all times with helping children learn. Our role as the bridge between home and school means that in every activity we undertake we are helping children learn how be with others and how to make the right choices for themselves and others. To help us ensure we offer the best care possible we ensure we communicate with parents at every opportunity so we are aware of a child’s interests, any issues they may be facing and any important events in their lives. The knowledge of each individual child that we build up helps us to guide the children’s wellbeing as well as their learning.

Our staff understand their safeguarding responsibilities, that it is for all staff to report or act on any concerns. Our duty is to always consider the child. Our way of working with and supporting parents and carers ensures we are aware of any problems that may emerge and we can offer support in a variety of ways, including signposting to other agencies if needed.

The school has rigorous employment procedures to protect children in its care. The name of the Designated Safeguarding Officer is available in both the school Reception and the foyer of the Nursery.

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