Sunny Side Up

Sophie S, Year 10 (Moreau House)

Relentlessly sunny, bubbly and positive, it seems Sophie’s former years in Australia before her arrival at Framlingham, certainly made their mark!

Arriving in Year 9, she was a keen sportswoman with a clear talent for cricket. Her bubbly and confident nature established her as a popular member of her House. With an amazing work ethic, which she brings both to the classroom and the cricket pitch, she resolutely seeks to solve any obstacles in her path.

This has served her well when the road has been bumpy. Sophie suffers from diabetes, a condition which she manages with admirable resilience and fortitude. And more recently, she was diagnosed with dyslexia. Always determined, ambitious and engaged, these have never held her back or her drive to succeed.

The potential Sophie displayed on her arrival at Framlingham has now been nurtured to the next level. With coaching by top class players, she has transcended to the highest level of cricket at the College and also plays for the county team, and the regional Suffolk Sunrisers (an apt name, one might say, for such a sunny young lady) – that may lead her to elite play.

Beyond where her natural talents lie, Sophie also shows great passion and perseverance in a number of Framlingham’s outdoor pursuits, from taking on the role of Section Commander on a field weekend in CCF and completing her Bronze DofE award. And with well trained medical staff always on hand, she can pursue such activities with an assured ease.

For Sophie, such an active, talented and sunny individual, seizing the chance to develop her gifts, how could the future be anything but bright?

Where Next?