Eyes on the Ball

Mia S, Year 8 (Gainsborough House)

Sport & Academic Scholar

Being an enigmatic introvert, Mia’s emotions and wicked sense of humour are often closely guarded. But catch her playing sports and a more determined, assertive Mia emerges – her passion and personality palpable.

On arrival at Framlingham College Prep at just six, it was clear that even at such a young age she possessed exceptional athleticism. Over the years, this has led Mia to secure enviable positions in the Suffolk county hockey and cricket teams and a national doubles title in tennis.

A true ambassador for sport, the fields, courts and pitches are where she shines – and allows the school to shine with her.

But this is not Mia’s only winning streak. She demonstrates that you can find balance between working hard, training hard, and having fun. She’s stretched by the bespoke competitive programme provided by the College, yet inspired to stay strong academically – and  supported to not over do things, even if it’s in her DNA.

Raw talent, hard work and inner strength fill Mia’s everyday school life, where she puts as much effort into winning a match as she does striving for top grades and being kind to others.

A quiet, yet unstoppable force, Mia has set herself the goal of getting a sports scholarship at an American university.

This would be the perfect prize for always having her Eyes on the Ball.

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