A Powerhouse of Potential

Daisy F, Year 12 (Pembroke House)

Target of four As at A Level. Applying to Oxbridge.

At first glance, with her unassuming exterior and gentle nature, it might be easy to overlook Daisy’s impressive achievements. But hers is a story of a young girl learning to deal with undeniable talent and an unwavering, laser-sharp focus, tempered with a search for balance and calm.

Daisy arrived at Framlingham in Year 10, already an exceptional hockey player. However, far from being one-dimensional, it was clear she had an aptitude for many things from modern languages, poetry, singing in the choir to other sports such as netball and cricket.

One of the most special and touching things about Daisy is her great warmth. She is hugely empathetic and a superb listener and cares deeply for those around her, particularly her family, who without question, are the centre of her world. And underneath that big heart, lies a cheeky sense of humour that likes to show itself every now and again!

The most remarkable thing about Daisy’s journey is that it is one of true self-discovery. Framlingham has given her the safe space, encouragement and strategies to juggle all her skills deftly. Since joining the College, with her unquestionable talent and drive, she’s learnt how to manage her time and ask for support when she needs it.

Framlingham has also given Daisy more opportunities with hockey than she ever thought possible and her development from keen club and school player into an U18 England hockey goalkeeper has been especially momentous and magical.

Despite her incredible successes so far, the story of this powerhouse of potential has really only just begun.

Where Next?