One Framlingham College artist has been branded ‘one to watch’ by Ipswich Art Society following the sale of artwork at the Anna Airy exhibition in Ipswich.

Thea W, Year 12 garnered a lot of attention for her during the opening night of the exhibition, with one visitor offering her a cheque for the piece after her daughter was said to be ‘completely taken’ by it.

The piece, ‘Falling and Flying’, demonstrated Thea’s incredible precision and impeccable attention to detail by using a scalpel to create the art.

Thea's artwork impressed both the judges and the crowd.

Thea’s artwork impressed both the judges and the crowd.

Thea has also previously showcased the piece at the artEast Exhibition where she also had offers for the work.

Ten student pieces from the College were on display during the exhibition, with two Year 13 students, Amy B and Fran R-B, also winning First Place and Runner Up for their work.

Amy B and Fran R-B won First and Runner Up places.

Following the success of the Anna Airy Exhibition, Thea has since been shortlisted for The Ipswich Art Society Award.

Set up to support and celebrate students’ artwork in the local area, the Anna Airy Exhibition will run until Sunday December 3 at the University Royer, Waterfront building in Ipswich.

About Anna Airy

Born in 1882, Anna Airy was one of the most distinguished painters of her generation with work represented in many major national collections. For 19 years she was the President of the Ipswich Art Club (now Society) and a much-respected teacher at Ipswich Art School. She always included a student section in the Annual Exhibition and since her death in 1964 the Society has continued the tradition by arranging this independent exhibition of students’ work.

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