Framlingham College has featured in the following press articles:

  • Brandeston Hall celebrates 75 years as a Suffolk school – East Anglian Daily Times
    Framlingham College Prep School celebrates 75 years of education at Brandeston Hall in September 2023. The EADT ran a featured article on the anniversary, written by former pupil and regular EADT columnist, Paul Geater (R68-77).
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  • Suffolk principal warns of chaos if Labour puts VAT on private school fees  – East Anglian Daily Times
    Framlingham College Principal, Louise North, speaks to the EADT about Labour’s plan to put VAT on school fees if they win the next General Election and the impact it could also have on state schools.
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  • Inspirational Teachers have a Lasting Impact – Smiley News
    Senior Deputy Head at the Senior school, Susan Wessels, was published in Smiley News, a publication dedicated to the promotion of positive news stories with the aim of bringing about positive change in society. The article, entitled: ‘Inspirational Teachers Have a Lasting Impact’ features an interview with Miss Wessels about why she got into teaching: “Striving to make a difference in a child’s life every day.” The former international hockey player speaks about her passion for education and how life is a series of opportunities as well as her approach to tackling inevitable obstacles in life.
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  • Eastlife Magazine – Artsmark Gold Award
    In July 2021 we became an Artsmark Gold accredited institution, after submitting a comprehensive bid which evidenced our school-wide commitment to the arts and creativity. The news was published at the time in the Autumn 2021 edition of Eastlife magazine, a lifestyle magazine all about the eastern region. Our gold award recognises the quality of our creative departments, from Music and Drama to Design and Technology and Computer Science. Artsmark is the only creative quality standard for schools and education settings and is accredited by Arts Council England.
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  • Education Technology – Mobile Phones: A Force for Good
    An article by Senior Deputy Head, Susan Wessels, was published by Education Technology publication, which provides insight of uses of technology in education settings. The article explained that while it is our own policy to disallow mobile phones in our classrooms, we do recognise the opportunity they provide as learning and creative study aids. Miss Wessels went on to explain that it is important to educate children on using their phones appropriately.
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  • BBC – Mobile Phones should be banned in schools, Gavin Williamson
    Following on from our publication in the Education Technology publication, we were later approached by the BBC for comment on a statement made by Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, about banning mobile phones from schools all together. Miss Wessels again put forward a nuanced argument which made clear that while mobile phones, when used inappropriately, can be destructive, modern schools have a role to play in preparing pupils for life beyond the classroom which will unquestionably involve mobile phones being used frequently.
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  • Independent School Parent – We’re Back! (Page 17)
    A leading publication for parents of pupils at independent schools featured an article last month from Principal, Louise North, explaining the logistics of returning to school following lockdown restrictions. The piece, which made page 17 in the Spring edition of the 100-page publication, talked about the importance of agility and adaptability when dealing with the challenges of an ever-changing education environment.
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  • The Times – Why buyers are finally looking to move to Suffolk
    Earlier in 2021, when Britain was in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic, The Times published a piece detailing the trend of people moving from large UK cities out to Suffolk to get fresh air and value for money. The piece mentioned Framlingham College by name, as the excellent independent school that we are, and it also explained how Suffolk is an enviable place to live, pandemic or no pandemic.
  • Radio Times – Where to find MacKenzie Crook’s Detectorists in Suffolk
    While Framlingham is unquestionably an historic market town, it is perhaps best known as the idyllic setting on MacKenzie Crook’s archealogical comedy drama series, Detectorists, which began airing on BBC 4 in 2014. The series was so widely acclaimed, and the filming locations so universally adored, that the Radio Times ran an article about where to find each of the filming locations featured in the show. The article features special mention of the ‘handsome redbrick façade’ of our Senior College building.
  • Suffolk Magazine – Young Entrepreneur article (Page 22)
    Suffolk magazine, the premium lifestyle publication from Archant, local to Framlingham College, recently published an article written by Principal Louise North on the rise in entrepreneurship among young people and how schools can equip themselves to promote this quality in their pupils.
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