Framlingham College continues to make an impact on wider educational cultures through Mrs Elin Egger’s new position as a contributor to the Financial Times’ educational resources, which are made available to teachers across the country.

Teacher of Business and Economics, Mrs Egger, is regularly tasked with selecting an article in Britain’s premium finance newspaper and constructing exam-style questions to be included within the FT’s teaching resources portfolio. The questions are designed to mimic the style of exam questions which require students to review a topic and put forward well-reasoned arguments which display an understanding of both sides of a debate.

Mrs Egger said: “It’s been really good for me to begin contributing to this resource as it makes me think carefully about current topics and use these resources in my own lessons. One of my most recent articles I wrote questions for was the Government’s recent spending review, which will affect people in this country for many years to come so it’s great for pupils to gain an understanding of these issues through their work here.”

Mrs Egger is dedicated to international development and contributes to the wider world through choosing to spend her summer holidays volunteering in developing countries by helping teachers develop their classroom skills. In previous years she has volunteered in Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Guyana.

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