As part of the Continuing Professional Development programme here at Framlingham College, James Buxton, Head of Design Technology, has given an excellent talk to teachers from a range of departments on the ‘Value of Creativity’.

The purpose of the talk was to encourage teachers from a range of subjects, many of which may be less overtly creative, to think about ways they could encourage their students to take on a creative approach to their studies. At the beginning of the talk, teachers were asked to think of as many uses as they can for a simple building brick. Teachers won points for number of uses and ingenuity of the uses they came up with. The purpose of the session was to show teachers how they can encourage students to think differently about things. Mr Buxton defined creativity as something which is: “novel and appropriate” but recognised that it is famously difficult to define and that it is not limited to more traditionally creative subjects like art and design.

Mr Buxton referenced author, Ken Robinson, who discusses a lack of creativity as a key issue facing the education sector. Mr Buxton says: “At Framlingham College we give pupils the opportunities to express their creativity and challenge ideas to create fantastic results. The value of creative thinking in teaching is huge. This is something I believe we do uniquely well here at Framlingham College. Pupils go on to do amazing things they are passionate about.”

Using creativity in teaching is extremely important for pupils of all ages. At the Prep School, Mr Lenton, Head of Art, prioritises teaching his students to try to see things differently. He said: “One example of seeing things differently we used is a project where pupils were given a piece of card with a small hole in it that they then took outside to look at grass in a different way. They developed macro sketches that then inspired some modern, abstract design work.

“We wanted to show pupils how art, a creative subject, can help to develop the skills of observation, critical thinking and the ability to interpret the world around us.”

An Opportunity to Develop as Academics Through Creativity

As part of the year nine Academic Scholars Programme, Scholars were given a unique project brief which encouraged them to study something they are individually passionate about. This talented group of individuals were then asked to put together a presentation on the topic. The results were overwhelming as students responded with huge enthusiasm to being given the freedom to explore something which matters to them personally in greater detail. Project Lead, Mr Dyer said: “I wanted to bottle the energy and enthusiasm when the scholars were briefed.”

This week, two students gave their presentations in front of the Year nine assembly. The topic they chose was of palm oil production and the deforestation that occurs in this process. Students in the assembly were noticeably fascinated by this real-world topic which is very much part of the news agenda today. Another of the students involved in the programme said: “It was so great to research a topic that we are really passionate about. The sense of freedom has allowed us to get to a really cool place”.

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