Anna-Sophia Heine, economics pupil in Year 12, has been accepted onto a leading economics internship, this summer, for Sixth Form pupils at the Institute of Economic Affairs. As part of the week-long internship, she will discuss the economic principles of various countries with professional economists as well as different nations’ reactions to the economic crises of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Anna-Sophia said: “Our economics teacher, Mrs Egger, showed us a PowerPoint of some placements and competitions we could do and there was this one internship and, I thought, I would just give it a go.

“I knew it would really interest me but to be honest I didn’t expect to be accepted. I was working hard on the cover letter during the winter holidays and my teachers helped me with it to make sure I gave myself the best chance.”

Anna-Sophia is an international pupil from Munich in Germany and spent the Christmas Holidays and subsequent lockdown in her home city. When schools reopened, she returned to the UK and embarked on two weeks of quarantine, following two negative PCR tests, to re-join her friends here at the Senior School. She plans to stay in London during the internship and travel into Central London each day to participate.

She adds: “During the internship, we will be having discussions with economists and experts in their fields, and we will be hearing from economists from all over the world about how different countries responded to the economic challenges of the pandemic.”

In addition to her internship, Anna-Sophia used her Easter break to research an economics essay for another competition, where she chose to write about the United States’ economic response to Covid-19. She concluded: “I would say it’s very important to push business and drive the economy as America does well. But I would also say it’s very important to find the right balance between maintaining economic growth and providing strong social benefits. I think this is something Germany does quite well.”

Teacher of Economics and Business at the Senior School, Mrs Egger, said: “This is a very prestigious internship for a sixth form pupil as there are only 120 places available for pupils in either Year 12 or Year 13 nationally. The internship will include lectures and discussions with expert economists and at the end of the week she will be involved in an economic debate with the other interns. It is an amazing opportunity for Anna to engage with peers from across the country, as well as professional economists.”

Anna-Sophia has spent time, throughout this past year, volunteering at a vaccination centre, to give back to the community. However, she nearly didn’t include this detail on her application as ‘she didn’t realise it was important’. That was until Mrs Egger helped her understand that a good application considers many facets of an individual.

Anna-Sophia concludes: “A lot of people have made a fuss about this internship, that I have got on, and of course that is brilliant. But it’s important to say that I was only able to find out about this and apply because of all the people around me who gave me support. I think that’s something that’s really good here at Framlingham, you get support to go on to achieve whatever it is you want to do.”

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