Tuesday 27th April 2021, marked the 156th anniversary of the founding of Framlingham College Senior School. To commemorate the day, a special service in front of the school encouraged our pupils to reflect on those who made their opportunities possible as it was the hard work and determination of the Founders that created the school. These values endure as central pillars of a Framlingham College education today.

Louise North, Principal, used her Founders’ Day address to encourage pupils to think about their futures by reflecting on those who came before them. She said to the assembled pupils: “In the same way you might look at old photos of your grandparents and great-grandparents and recognise yourself in them, I hope that when people get to know you, they also recognise in you the characteristics of a Framlinghamian.

“And as you walk the corridors, take a moment to think about those who have walked here before you, take a moment to look at the faces in the photographs on the walls, take a moment to read the stories of OFs in the Chapel, take a moment to think about our Founders and our benefactors and be thankful and respectful of their generosity. And when you are asked ‘Where are you going?’, ‘What are your plans?’, ‘What does your future hold?’, speak with confidence and optimism but always with gratitude for the education you have received and the history that lies behind it. And ask yourself for future generations of Framlinghamians, what will you leave behind, what will your legacy be?”

The service was delivered by School Chaplain, Brynn Bayman, with input from the Head of School and Head Boy and Girl at the Prep school, as well as the Heads of all seven Houses. Each commemorated, through their short passage, the individual founder who was responsible for the name given to each of the Houses: Garret, Pembroke, Moreau, Victoria, Stradbroke, Rendlesham and Kerrison. There was also a moving musical recital from singer and OF, Olivia Pitcher, to mark the occasion.

School Chaplain, Brynn Bayman, said: “For current pupils, it’s a reminder of where this whole experience came from; that it didn’t just happen, someone made it happen.

“I always think it’s like looking at a house. You don’t think about the foundations or the effort someone once went to for it to be there. This service is an opportunity for pupils to think about the principles the school was built on and to bring those principles into their own lives as they develop as people, throughout their time at the College.”

The Service started with a brief history of the College and how the stunning Senior school building came to be constructed, to educate local boys. It was as a memorial to Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, who died in 1861, that the Senior school was constructed. Albert had previously visited Suffolk and noted that there were insufficient standards of education for local boys. The result was that boys of a certain age were being sent around the country to be educated.

Through several local landowners and businesspeople, the necessary funds were raised to acquire the site and construct the school, which was later developed, with new sports facilities and grounds added over the years. The school building is therefore the result of generous local individuals investing in their communities to provide high-quality education for local people.

We would like to think that this generosity of spirit lives on in our Framlinghamians today; that they have a sense of their place in the world, an awareness of the issues facing society and a determination to give back.

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