Year 5 were recently treated to a feast of scientific learning at the Suffolk Schools’ Science Festival which was kindly hosted by the educational team at Bury St. Edmunds Cathedral. The day started with a science masterclass. Children sat on the edge of their pews as the usually peaceful atmosphere was awakened by a display of bangs, whizzes and flashes as a number of chemical reactions took centre stage.

Children then enjoyed a chemistry challenge which involved separating materials with their chosen equipment and techniques. Next up was a hands on investigation into poo! They learnt about the process of digestion with a focus on the role of teeth, and how we can identify different animal types based on their scat (simulated versions of!). Other activities included dusting and lifting finger prints and making models of the respiratory system.

Year 5 relished the opportunity and were further inspired by all that the subject has to offer. They were thoroughly engaged and well behaved throughout – well done them!


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