Over 60 excited pupils from Year 3 and 4 travelled to Trinity Park for the annual School Farm and Country Fair. We were greeted by our guides on arrival who led us around a huge variety of different exhibits. The Livestock Zone is always a favourite with the younger children handling ducklings and chicks and petting the calves, piglets, lambs and goats. We discovered in one of the many displays that there are 63 different varieties of sheep bred in the UK, some of which can even dance a few steps! To take a rest from the blazing temperatures, we enjoyed our picnic lunch while watching the Essex and Suffolk hunting dogs and the huge Suffolk Punch horses parading around the show ring. The children enjoyed lots of hands on activities from how to grade free range eggs to sampling the delicious Munchy Seeds grown locally. We returned back to school exhausted but with a wealth of knowledge about the process of food production, farming and the countryside.

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