By: Carlos Reynell, Head of Religious Education and Director of Sport (FCPS)

As part of their study of Pilgrimages Year 8 journeyed to “England’s Nazareth” Walsingham in North Norfolk. Walsingham is always a genuinely amazing place to visit, but was made all the more so this year as we visited at the same as the arrival of holy relics from Fatima in Portugal and this in turn meant hundreds and hundreds of pilgrims visiting from all over the country at the same time.

After visiting the Roman Catholic National Shrine, we walked the Holy Mile (treading the path that countless kings and queens have tried before) and visited the Church of the Annunciation, the Russian Orthodox Church and the Methodist Church. These contrasting holy buildings provoked great discussion amongst the children.

After lunch in the beautiful gardens of the Anglican Shrine, we explored this incredible site, learning about the Stations of the Cross, visiting the fifteen chapels and the Holy House where we lit candles.

In the fascinating closing service before we left, Father Paul asked the children one thing. He asked them next time they came to Walsingham to bring someone who has never been before so if you haven’t been, grab this opportunity.

Year 8 were wonderfully behaved. They thrilled our guides Pauline and Geoffrey with their knowledge and their wonder. My huge thanks to children, the drivers who took us safely to Walsingham and to Mr Sampson, Mr Wilson, Miss de Podesta and Kieran Wilson  for accompanying us on the trip.

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