As part of their studies of both Islam and Christianity in RE, Year 6, accompanied by Mr Reynell, Miss Wimmer, Mr Ridge and Mr Daykin visited both Norwich Mosque and Norwich Anglican Cathedral today.

We set off from Brandeston full of excitement and were met at Norwich Ihsan Mosque and were greeted with a with warm reception at the mosque by Hajj Tariq, who is the Mu’addin (calls people to prayer).  Tariq told the children all about his faith and beliefs and explained to the children about the 5 pillars of Islam. Tariq then invited the children to ask him questions. Almost an hour later, our boys and girls had thrilled Tariq with a huge range of questions and impressed him with their knowledge.

After saying out goodbyes we travelled to Norwich Cathedral to have lunch in the cloisters. We were then met by our guides Mary and Lyndsey and after an informative talk (where Mr Daykin decided to dress as a monk) we were split into two groups and were taken on two wonderful tours, learning about the beautiful 900 year old Norwich Cathedral, hearing Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments, and finding out more about the history of the Cathedral and about Christian symbolism.  We also saw Jake’s aunts’ art exhibition, discovered beautiful artwork and architecture and were almost ambushed by Dippy the Dinosaur. There was also particular excitement at the cathedral as they are welcoming a new Bishop, Bishop Graham Usher on Saturday.

Again our guides and numerous members of public were incredibly complimentary about the boys and girls and as we journeyed back to Brandeston, listening to the children discussing the day, it was clear that they had had a most wonderful time in Norwich.

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