By: Ruth Noble, Teacher of Biology |

On Tuesday 13th November, Year 12 biologists observed the process of osmosis in a plant cell. They used red onion so they could see the cell contents as they are a beautiful pink colour. The students subjected these cells to two different conditions;

  1. They added sodium chloride solution and then they removed the sodium chloride and added
  2. Distilled water.

The purpose of this was to observe plasmolysis when sodium chloride was added and turgor when distilled water is present. I think you will agree the students produced some lovely specimens and were able to observe this crucial process of osmosis.

The pictures below are from three students; Laetitia Altenburg, Nici Quadflieg and Gaby Antoci.

Laetitia Altenburg

Below: Red Onion Epidermis – magnification x400 – with sodium chloride solution.

Below: Red Onion Epidermis – magnification x100 – with sodium chloride solution.

Gabi Antoci

Below: Red onion epidermal cells in NaCl solution – magnification x400

Nici Quadflieg

Below: Red onion epidermal cells – magnification x100

Below: Red onion epidermal cells – magnification x100

Below: Red onion epidermal – magnification x400

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