By: Sarah Jones

Year 11 Artists explored the V&A museum for initial inspiration on the theme of ‘Event’ for the external examination GCSE theme.

The V&A provided a visual smorgasbord for the initial collection of ideas for the Year 11 Art exam. The exam theme this year is ‘Event’. Tim Walker’s fanciful photographic imaginings and oversized stage props provided an interesting starting point. There were many famous faces and many different ‘sets’ to experience in his collection of ‘Wonderful Things’. Tim Walker led us to explore some of the trinkets he used within his exhibition.

The giant carved fig leaf instigated by Queen Victoria to save Michelangelo’s David’s’ modesty led us to explore the cast courts further. Fashionistas enjoyed the wedding dresses and crinolines, the drama queens dressed to impress in the theatre and drama section whilst the more technically minded explored the mechanics and technologies in ‘Cars: Accelerating the Modern World’.

The photographers were enthralled by the Photography Centre where they were able to see early Daguerreotypes and contemporary photography alongside each other and the History of the medium. With 7 miles of corridors to explore we were not at loss to find enough to do.

We look forward to seeing the culmination of our students’ ‘Events’ in their end of year exhibition in Pauls court.

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