By: Sue Tansley, Head of Art

In preparation for the Year 11 mock examination our Year 11 Art and Design students, incorporating Fine Artists and Photographers travelled to the Suffolk Coast on a glorious sunny morning.

Our journey began at Snape Maltings exploring the sculpture in the landscape by Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and other contemporary pieces hiding amongst the reeds or standing majestically in the grounds. Students took photographs and sketched the shapes and textures that they observed. The light on a sunny, crisp early autumn day helped everything to look quite magical. The galleries at Snape are always adventurous and all exhibitions on were exciting, inspirational and informative. We were delighted to get to see some of Maggie Hambling’s work before making our way to see the shell on Aldeburgh beach. All the galleries were very helpful, answering questions and explaining about the work. We are very grateful for their time.

The next stop was Aldeburgh which, soaked in sunshine, felt like a day in the Summer holiday rather than a school day. More wonderful galleries and their helpful staff/artists enabled students to engage with the work on display and enjoy their experience of Aldeburgh’s architecture and love of Art. Reassuring to see some pieces by John Piper on display but there was also plenty of contemporary work to inspire too. Most gobbled some ice creams as they walked on the beach, photographing and sketching as they did. Arriving at the famous shell, commemorating Maggi Hambling, we stopped for lunch.

Our journey to Southwold saw the clouds starting to roll in and as such the light on the beach huts was spectacular when we arrived at the Pier. Lots of fun was had photographing the wacky mirrors, the novelty slot machines, the cheeky steam punk clock, the literary graffiti art and even inspiration in the arcade. The rain started to spit but this did not stop students from being able to make art on the beach. In the town we split the group to view the work in the vibrant Serena Hall gallery and then hungry students all gathered inside the Little Fish and Chip Shop, cocooned by the steamed up windows as the rain became heavier, for a traditional Fish and Chip supper and then home.

The day proved to be incredibly useful providing recording and resource gathering for their work.

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