School Chaplin, Brynn Bayman, has delivered a message of hope and joy to pupils of Framlingham College this year with a focus on the meaning of joy and ways in which we can all find it in our own lives.

He says: “In our Western society, Happiness seems to be our emotional right. Joy, however, occurs when we find ourselves in a state of moral elevation.”

“Joy occurs when you are the creator. You find yourself in FLOW and almost lose all sense of time. Happiness can be generated by eating something as delicious as a chocolate cake or a Christmas Turkey, but Joy overwhelms us with delight. It catches us often, unawares. For example, at the birth of a new baby or the arrival of a little puppy. Happiness occurs when we look after the SELF, while Joy infuses, when we focus on giving to others.”

Brynn went on to mention the incredible achievement of rugby player, Kevin Sinfield, who has raised money for his friend Rob Burrows, who has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). This heart-warming story of friendship over adversity has captured the attention of the nation.

Brynn advises that we must seek joy and happiness. That there are ways in which we can find joy, even in these COVID-19-afflicted times and that it is especially necessary to do so. He says:

“Surround yourself with any bundle of joy that you can find – a friend, a loved one, a puppy, a charitable cause. Anything or anyone that will take you out of yourself.

“Let us hold on to the hope of a vaccine liberating us from COVID. This month saw the first day our nation starts to deliver vaccines to our precious and wise grandparents. Hold on to the hope that 2021 will be a fresh start. Hold on the hope that the baby Jesus is indeed the Saviour of the world.”

Brynn’s speech on the differences between happiness and pure joy certainly captured and uplifted the pupils, who have truly embraced the Christmas spirit already this year through acts of giving, many of which are detailed below.

He concluded his Christmas message to pupils by referencing the works of author, David Brookes. Brynn said: “As Brookes said in his brilliant book, The Second Mountain, ‘To live with Joy, is to live with Wonder, Gratitude and Hope’. We are going to have a very happy Christmas. For us as a community, it even started this week with all our charitable efforts.

“Enjoy! But in addition to the traditional material gifts of Gold, Frankincense or Myrrh, I wish for you: Wonder, Gratitude and Hope this Christmas.”

See the other articles from our newsletter below for more information on some of the charitable acts undertaken by current and former students of Framlingham College.

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