Chapel Address: Tuesday 01 December 2020   |  By: Lucas W, Head of School

Radio Two has a regular series called “What makes us human?” Activists, philosophers, psychologists and various famous people have, over the years, recorded their essays on what they think gives us our unique differences from other animals on this earth and our individual essence of human existence.

This got me thinking about recent times, how we, as humans, have coped and are coping as individuals whilst life is negotiating a different path for us at this moment. Isolation has tested all our emotional reserves, stripping us of our predisposition to socialise.

I have experienced first-hand the impact this virus has on families; the pain and suffering it can cause to the vulnerable and old. How stressful being apart from your loved ones in need can be, yet we support each other to find a way through.

As a school I see all these individual humans still laughing, chatting and learning, forging on as one. We are co-operatively working together, though we cannot congregate as one, and that is credit to you all for the positive outlooks and efforts you are effectively making to try to implement as normal a life as possible here at the college.

I feel we have created the sense of togetherness as a pupil body, led by our pragmatic teachers and prefects showing us through this adversity, that life carries on. We have managed, as a whole school, to remember those who died during the wars, to wear hats to raise awareness about mental health and odd socks for anti-bullying week. I, for one, believe this is why we are going to come out of this a strong and united group.  Rather than being a difficult time, I look upon it as a special and exclusive time.

Yes, having to remember your mask and using hand sanitiser is annoying, but we have collectively understood the importance of using them, we have collectively worked together to ensure our school is doing everything it can to suppress this virus.

I believe the positive outlook and efforts each and every one of us is making has lifted the school spirit and filled the empty chapel and theatre with hope. To quote Captain Sir Tom Moore – “For all the people who are finding it difficult at the moment – the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away”.

So, in the lead up to the end of term, we can certainly enjoy our holidays knowing we did all we could – together as one school.

These are what I think are the unique qualities that makes us human and make us stand out as pupils, here, at Fram. The ability to work together- apart – yet still as one.

Enjoy the last few weeks in the run up to Christmas.

Thank you.

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