Three Year 12 BTEC Business pupils, Natasha R, Rose C and Charlotte N, used their influencing skills to ensure Tom Holmes, founder of successful brand Tom’s Trunks, was able to attend their recent Easter Fair, organised as part of their BTEC Business Diploma.

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The Fair, held on Friday 3rd March, formed part of the BTEC Business Diploma’s Managing an Event module, aimed to create an impactful event that showcased the pupils’ business acumen and highlighted to them the planning and delivery skills required to run successful group experiences.   As well as gaining buy-in from Tom, the pupils’ hard work and dedication also saw a number of other local businesses enthusiastically support the cause.

Tom joined the event hosting a stand and selling the company’s popular wares, and as a result of him joining the pupils for this initiative, a wider pupil body also benefited from his attendance as the young entrepreneur gave a talk all about his sustainable fashion ambitions and his business journey to date.

He told a Year 12 cohort about how the popular fashion brand was built on the back of Tom going on a holiday to Kenya without any shorts – a move which forced him to buy a pair made from Kenyan Kikoy fabric from a local street seller. That holiday saw Tom wear these shorts continuously throughout his holiday and were hence dubbed Tommy’s trunks by his father.

Tom talked to pupils about his influences and his desire to ensure that his brand always stayed true to the ethos of providing comfortable and sustainable fashion wear for all. Natasha and Rose also joined Tom on an episode of the Framlingham College Podcast, during which they talked in more detail about the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and Tom’s plans for expanding the business in the future.

The pupils chatted with Tom about essential business skills and his knowledge and experience in the fashion industry, which provided valuable insights into the importance of branding, audience engagement, and sustainability.

The College is extremely grateful to Tom for sharing so generously his insights and experiences with our pupils, which has undoubtedly enhanced their business education and better prepared them for future entrepreneurial endeavours. You can listen to the Tom Holmes entrepreneurial podcast here.

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