To ensure that we all balance our on-screen time with off-screen time, serious time with fun time and individual pursuits with teamwork, teachers have created a series of fun challenges and tasks for different year groups and Houses to get involved in, to help pupils stay connected and lift spirits while our school is closed.

Watch the full video below:

Here’s a brief round-up of just some of the amazing activities that our pupils have been part of this term already:

Headstands at home – Years 3 to 6

Pupils at the Prep School, who would have been spending their PE lessons learning gymnastics with equipment, have instead been set gymnastic tasks while at home. Unlike other fun activities, this is part of the pupils’ core curriculum, which has been adapted by Head of Games & PE, Georgina Kingstone. She said: “The first week was headstands – excellent for core strength and balance. Week two we looked at handstands, the various stages of learning them, variations to try at home and finished with a challenge of putting on a piece of clothing whilst holding a handstand. Three pupils sent us videos of them successfully completing the task. Amazing upper body strength on show.”

This is an image of girls from the Moreau House making cream teas from scratch.

Cream Teas from scratch – Moreau House

Earlier this month, girls from Moreau House came together via zoom to make cream teas from scratch in their respective households. They each made scones with jam and cream in their own kitchens and shared their experiences via zoom to compare and contrast results.

Moreau Housemistress, Mrs Myers-Allen said: “Girls enjoyed making a cream tea after a busy few day of online learning. The results looked fantastic but tasted even better with a cup of tea and gave the girls a chance to mull over their return to school after the Christmas break.”

Cookery Challenge – Sixth Form

Pupils in the Sixth Form here at Framlingham College Senior School have been invited to take part in a weekly cookery challenge, to develop their cooking skills and expand their culinary repertoire before going off to University.

Earlier in the month, pupils were tasked with cooking tray baked, pesto-crusted salmon for their families. This particular round was won by Rhianna Melton. Future dishes on the upcoming cookery challenge menu will include roast chicken with spicy cauliflower and new potatoes, among others.

Quiz Night – Rendlesham House

“The world-famous Rendlesham House Online Quiz made a triumphant return this week,” said Rendlesham Housemaster, Mark Lavery. “It was really well-attended by boys and their families, and the House Tutors once again did everybody proud with a fantastic range of rounds, ranging from Mr Bethell’s British Inventors to Mr Salisbury’s Animal Noises. We were also delighted to welcome Dr Higgins back as Guest Host for a music round. The eventual and clear winners were past champions the Addison family and they were virtually awarded the House Championship Belt until the next one. Despite being a screen-based event, the sense of community and good humour between staff, the boys and their families was palpable and a fun evening was had by all.”

Toilet Paper Challenge – Year 9

Pupils in Year 9 have been set the extremely challenging task of making videos of themselves using a roll of toilet paper to move a glass of water across a flat surface. Participants have to slowly refurl the roll of toilet paper with the glass placed at the far end, without tearing the paper. See the video above for Rafa’s  successful attempt. 

Ping Pong and Marble Run Challenges – Year 11

Pupils in Year 11 have been given a choice of activities to take part in, if they wish, which both test their ambition and resourcefulness while at home. Mr Milne asked pupils to either construct a marble run in their home, using pieces of pipe or folded card, on anything they could find which would allow the marble to run smoothly along it. Students were given the brief to: “Use whatever you have in your house / available to you and make it as imaginative as possible.” Their individual marble runs will be judged on the length of the run, the innovation and imagination of the design and the number of different elements to the route.

As well as the marble run, pupils in year 11 have been set a ‘ping pong trick shot’ challenge. Pupils have to arrange pots and pans, or other solid surfaces, in such a way that when a ping pong is bounced off each surface in such a way, it will bounce off all of the surfaces and land into a cup at the end of the trick shot. See the above video for another successful attempt and fantastic celebration.

Real Life Imitations of Art – Year 10 (photograph in video clip)

As a way of encouraging interaction and creativity, pupils in Year 10 have been invited to recreate a famous artwork using things available to them in their house or garden. Pupils are able to select any famous work from throughout art history and take a picture which replicates the piece as best they can. Teachers assess the works based on resourcefulness, creativity and likeness to the original work. See Tiff Slater’s imitation of Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring below, which impressed teachers and peers alike.

Plenty more to come…
While new activities are taking place every week for pupils to get involved in, there is still a huge programme of activities to come at both the Prep and Senior Schools. We’ll be covering as many activities as possible over the next few weeks, to bring you a sense of how pupils of Framlingham College are continuing to engage with their peers and set themselves challenges while learning remotely.

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