The Maths Team Challenge competition was hosted here at Framlingham College, so our mixed Year 8 and Year 9 teams did not have far to travel unlike some of the other 22 competing schools who had come from all over East Anglia.  Teams competing included Woodbridge, Culford, Ipswich High, RHS, Langley, Felsted, St Josephs and more locally Thomas Mills.   Being the host, we were allowed to enter two teams in the competition.

Team A: Sophie Pettitt, William Singleton, Jamie Goodhead, Sam Crossley
Team B: Emma Williamson, Jim King, Annabel Sheppard, Ming Ho Tse

Report by Will and Jim:

The competition comprised four individual challenges, each requiring different forms of communication and strategy. The challenges included puzzle questions, a cross-number, a shuttle relay and the finale – a running relay. The first round went well for both teams with the A team dropping just one of the 10 questions. The next round was a cross-number – here communication was key. The A team scored highly in this round too with the B team coming up just short. In the following round we had 8 minutes in which to answer four questions as a team. We had 4 of these quick fire rounds and both teams had mixed results. In the final round, it was speed that was key. We were given questions that we had to answer as quickly as possible, we then had to run up to the front to submit our answers. Overall, the A team came 3rd, a very impressive result (narrowly losing out to Ipswich School and Debenham High School) and the B team came in a very respectable 12th, and when you realise that all the others schools were only fielding a first team, this is quite an achievement. After receiving such fantastic results, we returned home with pride.We were pleased with our scores, especially since we were up against some rather prestigious opponents.

What a wonderfully successful outing for budding mathematicians. Mrs Russell, Mr Henriques and Mrs Ward were really proud of the teamwork and the mathematical excellence displayed by their Framlingham pupils – an inspiring event indeed.


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