“Agents for Change” have successfully instigated a new environmentally friendly policy at the school. As a result of their campaign, Framlingham College will no longer use non-recyclable cups and cutlery at the school.  It is estimated that across both school sites (accommodating 700 students and 275 staff) up to 200,000 plastic cups and 100,000 paper cups were used per year.

“Agents for Change” is made up of a small group of pupils at Framlingham College Prep School who are aiming to change the world for the better in a variety of different ways.

Their first item on the agenda was to improve the recycling situation and processes at the school. They had identified that too much waste paper was being produced and that far too many non-recyclable cups and cutlery were being used and then sent to landfill.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure we look after the planet and the way we dispose of the waste we produce”, said founder members Will Lamprell, Jim King and Joe Lewis.

Above: “Agents for Change” with Framlingham College Operations Director Andrew Payn

Their tireless campaigning resulted in an official meeting with the commercial department at the school and the following was agreed.

  • All plastic cups at mealtimes will be replaced with washable glasses
  • Plastic cups at water fountains have been removed and every student and member of staff has been issued a branded re-usable water bottle.
  • Paper cups for tea and coffee have been removed from common rooms and every staff member will be receiving a branded re-usable thermos cup.
  • Paper cups for students’ hot chocolate have been replaced with china mugs.
  • Plastic spoons in staff rooms and at team teas have been replaced by metal spoons.
  • Installation of a blue recycling bin in every classroom in the school. New large paper bins have been installed in more accessible locations.

The “Agents for Change” campaign has also been adopted by Fram Leisure. It has removed all plastic cups from the water fountains and has urged members of the gym and swimming pool to bring their own water bottle to keep hydrated.

Andrew Payn, the Operations Director, was really impressed with their determination and passion to protect the environment. ‘We have been recycling paper and other waste products for some years but these inspiring young students approached the matter in a different way. They questioned why we were creating so much non-recyclable waste in the first place resulting in us to review our operations. Not only have they substantially reduced our waste but they have also reduced costs as well!’

“Agents for Change” have also written to the local councillor for his support and his pledge to improve the recycling situation in Brandeston, Framlingham and the surrounding area.

The next focus for “Agents for Change” is to find ways of reducing food waste, using compostable packaging made from plants, reducing harmful emissions from the school vehicles and preventing lights in the school from being left on.

From their successes so far, these young children are taking their responsibility for the environment extremely seriously and are an inspiration to us all.

On Monday, 12th March, BBC Radio Suffolk interviewed Headmaster, Matthew King, along with pupils Will, Joe and Jim on the “Agents for Change” campaign.

BBC Radio Suffolk

BBC Radio Suffolk Interview: Click here to listen. We are 1 hour 53 minutes into the programme!

Above: Matt King with Jim, Joe and Will and BBC Radio Suffolk’s Guy Campbell

Above: Our certificate from BBC Radio Suffolk

Above: Matt King being interviewed by BBC Look East’s Kevin Burch

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