“Everyone is just so warm and welcoming,” were German pupil, Maja Theisen’s enthusiastic comments when asked about how she has settled in at Framlingham College. And pupils in Victoria House really went the extra mile last weekend to make Maja feel at home by choosing, as a House, to celebrate St Nicholas’ Day on 6th December, a popular occasion in Germany and much of Europe.

Victoria House pupils marked the occasion by placing a shoe outside of their doors on the evening of the 6th December with a wish list of presents placed inside. They then woke, on the morning of the 7th, to chocolates and tangerines placed outside their doors as an indication St Nicholas had visited overnight and taken their wish lists in exchange for treats. Maja is grateful to Housemistress, Mrs Alvis, who she suspects played the role of St Nicholas for the House this year.

In fact, St Nicholas’ Day is traditionally on the 6th but to include the day students, who would be arriving on Monday, after the weekend, the girls swapped the day to the 7th.

Maja said: “It’s a really big thing in Germany, basically everyone celebrates it and it’s completely different between families. But in my family, we do the same as we did here and place our shoes outside the door with a wish list in and get chocolates and little presents in the morning. The wish list is presents for Christmas.

“I’ve really loved being over here at Framlingham College, the grounds are so beautiful, and the teachers are really supportive, and everyone makes you feel welcome. It was a big change coming from a city day school in Munich to boarding and I was nervous at first. But the people here were just so friendly and warm. I am really hoping to extend my stay and do Sixth Form here too, but I have to speak to my parents about this.”

While Maja clearly loves Boarding here and her friends in Victoria House, she is also very excited to go home to Bavaria for Christmas, having not been able to see her family since the summer due to travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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