As part of our commitment to ensuring pupils feel comfortable in our school environment, Year 8 pupils who will be starting Senior school as Year 9s in September, were invited to a special ‘Taster Day’ to experience life at the Senior school and explore the wider school site. The ‘Taster Day’ is all part of our school-wide culture of inclusion and reassurance to ensure our pupils feel as prepared as possible when starting their new school in September.

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The nervous feeling of a first day at a new school is one many people remember for their entire lives. In recognition of the anxiety this can cause, staff Framlingham College have put together a comprehensive induction programme which starts way before new pupils begin the academic year at their new school. This includes the experiential ‘taster day’ as well as the ‘familiarisation day’, whereby parents will be invited to attend the school together with their children for the day.

Head of Admissions, Emma Rutterford, said: “On the ‘Taster Day’, After a welcome from Mrs North, the Year 8s had a few sample lessons, which were music, sport science and geography. This was all followed by a scavenger hunt, organised and facilitated by the current Year 12s, in the afternoon so they could explore the whole site and work together to find things.

“The feedback I’ve had from the pupils has been really positive. There are a lot of things we are trying to put in place so that pupils have as little anxiety as possible about starting in the Autumn term.  Our main aim is to make sure they are excited about joining us September and not worrying over the summer holidays.”

One of the Year 8 pupils at the Prep School, Lucia Sanchez-Leost, who took part in the ‘Taster Day’, and will be starting at the Senior school in September, said: “I really enjoyed the Taster Day, and I know my friends did as well. First of all, we had a welcome from Mrs North, then we were shown around our Houses. The scavenger hunt was good as we got to explore the whole School. I have never really been to the lessons and classrooms of the school before.

“I was a little bit nervous but now I’m just really looking forward to starting the Senior school. I think it’s a big step with more independence.”

The Pastoral Care team here at Framlingham College, specifically dedicated to pupil wellbeing, are heavily involved in the design of the two induction days taking place this term.

Ms Rutterford concluded: “I think welcoming our new pupils is something we do well here at Framlingham College. If you get happy children, you get children who want to learn and children who want to try new things and aren’t scared to be different. It’s a fundamental part of their education here. It contributes to the whole positive feeling of the school.”

We look forward to welcoming our Year 8 pupils to the ‘Familiarisation Day’ in June as well as welcoming them as Year 9s in September for the new academic year.

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