By: Will Graver, Year 13

A team of four students made the journey to Northgate High to compete in the regional round of the UKMT Senior Maths Team Challenge. The team, consisting of Will Graver, William Han, Victor Yu and Michael Allflatt, were very keen to test their Mathematics in a pressure environment and thrived in it, and were placed a very respectable 8th out of the 19 schools who were present.

The first round was a group round, 10 questions over a period of 40 minutes with everyone in the team working together. The chemistry was apparent as we scored 7 out of 10 questions correct with great contributions from everyone in the team. The second round was the cross number and we again performed well despite the team having been split in half to tackle the across and down questions separately. The third and final round was a relay with the team still split. This was the round we stumbled slightly on but still posted a respectable score to leave us in the top 10 at the end of the competition.

Huge thanks must go to Mr Norton who drove us to and from the event, organised all the team practices and offered us moral and Mathematical advice to the team members. This was the ‘Wills’ final year at the school and their last Maths competition and both performed excellently and Michael and Victor, who often left the Year 13s struggling to keep up and will go on to achieve great things leading next year’s competition.

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