After a three-year hiatus, the summer term of 2022 saw a return of the Senior School’s well-loved Music ReView, held on the front lawn with the glorious backdrop of Framlingham Castle.

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The event proved a perfect creative platform for our host of talented musicians to show off their melodious talents and experiment with their performance skills.  From rock, pop, classical, musical theatre and the ukulele band, all performances were inspiring, impressive and highly entertaining.

As the sun went down on the historic setting performers united the crowd, with concert goers dancing the night away to emotive numbers that spanned upbeat and passion infused head bangers, to softer, thought-provoking ballads.

There’s no doubt that the stage presence witnessed at this year’s event demonstrates the College’s ability to nurture and support the unrivalled musical talents of our pupils, many of whom are destined to become part of our hall of fame for the musically gifted.

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