Psychologist Hana Searson has been praised by our pupils for her inspiring lecture at the College on ‘Mind Games in Banking: Organisational Psychology in action’.

Her talk gave an insight into the application of organisational psychology and her experiences of the banking industry, providing an understanding of the psychology of mind games and decision making in business, essential skills for successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

Currently Global Head of Culture & Behavioural Insights for Citi, based in London, Hana holds a BA in English Literature from the University of Leicester, a Master of Philosophy in Gender and Women’s Studies from Trinity College Dublin, a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, and an MSc. in Organizational Psychology from Birkbeck University of London.

One pupil who has their sights set on a career in psychology said: “After Hana’s talk, I left eager to explore my options in careers with psychology. I found Hana’s work very interesting – I also really enjoyed how she presented, and I found it very useful when she talked about how she got to the stage she is now in her career.”

Many other pupils also left inspired by a future on psychology.

One Year 11 said: “Hana’s lecture made me more open to the idea of taking psychology A Level and gave me a better general understanding of the subject.”

Another said: “Her job thoroughly interested me and made me think that psychology could be something I want to pursue in the future.”

Talking about the importance of guest speakers at the College, Matt Page, Head of Sports Science, PE & Academic Enrichment said: “Inspiring guest lectures like Hana Searson helps to challenge our pupils thinking, explore new ideas, and offers an insight into careers that we hadn’t considered before.”

Katy Williams, Deputy Head (Sixth Form), agrees adding: “Our expert talks really help bring to life abstract concepts that are sometimes hard for the pupils to grasp until reality is there in front of them.”

Our Psychology A Level at Framlingham College offers three option routes covering subjects from cognition and development studies to forensic psychology over a mixture of written exams, multiple choice, and extended writing assessments.

Recent Sixth Formers have gone on to study a variety of courses at university from their psychology A Levels including Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Behavioural Economics and Law.

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