By: Louise North – Principal and Head of the Senior School, Framlingham College

What happened to the man who stole the advent calendar? He got 25 days..

Firstly an apology…to Adam Knight. When I mentioned Sam Ponty’s awesome referring earlier in the term, I failed to mention Adam in the same sentence. Adam has been another superstar of the refereeing world for us this season, so very well done indeed.

Both boys have had to referee their peers and deal with tough decisions. They have done this with the utmost professionalism and maturity.

Congratulations to the following 6 pupils who have been chosen to represent the School on Exchange in South Africa this summer. The field was very strong and so those selected and those who were not, should be proud of having put themselves forward. Writing a letter of application, facing an interviewer is tough, so my congratulations to you all.

Those selected are as follows:

Freya Faulkner (M) – St Mary’s

Lottie Rowland (P)- Kingswood

Rebecca Yardy (V) – Herschel

Max Thompson (R) – Kingswood

Matt Addison (R) – Hilton

Isaac Powell (R)- Bishops

This term all Year 12s were set a challenge in their ELP sessions – to create an academic poster on the theme of Our Planet. There was much teamwork, collaboration, compromise and creativity on show when the final posters were displayed. Many congratulations to the winners, whose poster on the impact of Plastic in the Oceans was outstanding:

Why has Father Christmas been banned from going into Sooty Chimneys? Because of his carbon footprints..

P grades

What does it mean? P could represent Pizazz, Precision, Poise, Perfection, Passion, Perspicacious, Playful, Pleasing, Poetic, Positive, Proficient, Powerful, Prudent, or Prophetic…but in fact it represents a Purposeful attitude towards work…and to achieve a P, you have to…

Some of you have received nothing but Ps for your attitude grades throughout the entire term – this is no mean feat and earns you a voucher from Mr Ashton after chapel. Huge congratulations go to:

100% ‘P’ Attitude Grades for the Autumn Term

Year Forename Surname

Y10 Ruby Boddy

Y10 Josh Slay

Y10 Amy Spaull

Y10 Annabel Thompson

Y11 Matt Addison

Y11 Daisy Ford

Y11 Charlotte Marschner

Y11 Annabel Sheppard

Y11 Christina Wehmeyer

Y11 Jasmine Williamson

Y11 David Wills

Y11 Rebecca Yardy

Y11 Thomas Yarrow

Y12 Amelia Bidwell

Y12 Isabella Caporilli

Y12 Arlo Foster

Y12 Mane Grigoryan

Y12 Esme Howton

Y12 Veronika Lamparska

Y12 Tallulah Torrance

Y13 Faith Bahar

Y13 Ronnie Beal

Y13 Millie Crewe

Y13 Olivia Farquharson

Y13 Will Gladwell

Y13 Alina Sendrea

Y13 Emma Williamson

This one’s for Mr Goldsmith and Mr Ashton: What do you call Santa Claus’ elves? A bunch of subordinate clauses

Now moving on to the House Cups and if I could ask the House captains for each of these teams to please come up to receive the trophies. (normally done two at a time)

Academic House Cup


House Squash

Junior Girls – Moreau

Junior Boys – Garrett

Senior Girls – Moreau

Senior Boys – Stradbroke

House Football

Junior Boys – Kerrison

Senior Boys – Kerrison

Cross Country

Junior Boys – Stradbroke

Junior Girls – Pembroke

Senior Boys – Kerrison

Senior Girls – Moreau


Junior Girls – Pembroke

Junior Boys – Garrett

Senior Girls – Moreau

Senior Boys – Rendlesham


Junior Girls – Pembroke


Junior Boys – Kerrison

Who does Father Christmas call when he is ill? The National Elf Service..

Colours (boys get a tie and girls get a pin)

Colours are awarded for excellence and commitment in a specific area of life at school. They are awarded and can be re-awarded to pupils in the Sixth Form.

Co-curricular Colours for Drama:

Re-awarded to: Robert Monaghan and Oscar Welsh

Awarded to: Eleanor Petheram.

Co-curricular Colours for Music:

Re-awarded to: Ronnie Beale

Awarded to: Oscar Welsh, James Cowell and Jake Mermagen.

Co-curricular Colours for Rugby:

Re-awarded to: Taylor Hein-Jones, Kodie Holloway (Captain) and Jake Mermagen

Awarded to: Harry Williamson, Max Russell, Henry Bevan, James Cowell, Rob Monaghan, Haydn Macaulay, Jonty Lecompte, Josh Sanyang and Charles Kent.

Co-curricular Colours for Girls’ Hockey:

Will be awarded next term once the girls have completed the Tier 1 National Competition.


You will have seen the results:

Turnout was reasonable – 58% in comparison to a national average which tends to be in the 60s. And, of course, the Hustings last week were well-attended with over 100 pupils seeing at least some of the hotly-debated issues. My thanks also go to all the pupils playing the role of the party leaders there.

The Conservatives are the largest party but more pupils voted for Lib Dem/Labour/Green in total – meaning that there would be scope for ‘our’ Parliament to pursue a 2nd referendum…

Conservatives 90

Liberal Democrats 61

Greens 43

Labour 22

Brexit 14

When Staff votes are added, it’s still bad news for Jeremy Corbyn and a rather sunny-looking outlook for Jo Swinson and the Green Party leaders…

Conservatives 96

Liberal Democrats 78

Greens 47

Labour 26

Brexit 14

Turnout for Year 13 was, unsurprisingly, the highest. The Conservatives were the most popular party for each year group apart from Year 9 who were solidly Lib Dem. Garrett and Kerrison (and ‘Staff’) went Lib Dem overall and the other 5 boarding houses all plumped for the Conservatives overall.

Why are the Houses of Parliament like Ancient Bethlehem? Because it takes a miracle to find three wise men there

Why doesn’t Jeremy Corbyn visit Santa and his elves at home? Because he struggles at the Poles

It has been a very busy, very long term. You individually know how hard you have worked, how much time you have given to other people, how much support you have offered your friends, how much energy you have put into the co-curricular life of the school. I hope that you feel a buzz about the things you have done, the things you have learned, the ambitions you have fulfilled and the attitude you have taken.

If you haven’t quite got things right, learn from your mistakes and use those lessons next time round.

If you haven’t quite fulfilled your ambitions, take some time to reflect, plan a new strategy and come back even more determined to try again

If you haven’t quite met your academic targets, take stock of your reports and build on the advice

If you haven’t yet said that sorry, or that thank you, make sure you do before we get to Friday

Most of all, a big thank you to all of you from me. Each one of you forms part of this community and you have made me feel a part of it too. I hope that all of you who, like me, were new to this community in September, feel the same way.

I can’t wait for Christmas, for a lie in or two but then I will be ready to come back and embrace 2020 with all of you.

One final joke before I go

What do reindeer hang on their trees? Horn-aments

Have a wonderful day today!

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