This week’s Chapel ceremony was a special one; not least because it was the first in which a relatively sizeable number of pupils could congregate in the pews as spectators. It was also the occasion in which the Charity Committee thanked their peers for giving generously as they donated a cheque for £1,000 to the charity, Become, which helps children in care and young care leavers. Principal, Louise North, delivered her weekly address where she celebrated charity and the theme of giving, urging pupils to give generously wherever possible.

As part of her weekly address, Mrs North said: “As I grew up, I began to realise that the pleasure of giving far outweighed the pleasure I felt in receiving. I truly delight in giving people gifts and in seeing their faces when they receive them. The pleasure, the joy, the surprise on their face makes it all worthwhile.

“But what about giving to a charity? What about giving to a charity, whether or not it has a connection with your life? Sue Ryder, Barnardos, The Dogs Trust, Children in Need, Cancer Research UK, Help for Heroes.

“Throwing some money into a charity box, leaving something for a food bank, sponsoring someone on their Just Giving page. It doesn’t have to be huge sums of money – it doesn’t have to be money at all, it could be time, it could be wisdom, it could be experience that you give. And no one has ever become poor by giving. In fact, the reality is that you become a great deal richer each time that you give; especially if you give with no expectation of anything in return. And as Mother Teresa said, it is not how much we give, but how much love we put into our giving, that matters.

“So what can we do? We can vote for our charities and we can support the efforts of the Charity Committee, whether it is paying our £1 to wear home clothes, whether baking cakes to sell or supporting other events around the school. We should do this because we can afford to give a little – all of us can -and that little amount multiplied many times over could make all the difference to someone.

“And it does us no harm to remember that one day we may need to call on the kindness and generosity of one of these charities. We just never know.

The charity, Become, also provided a personalised video to thank our pupils for their generosity and the Charity Committee which coordinated all of the activity which led to the cheque for £1,000 being donated at this week’s Chapel. Watch the full Become thank you video to Framlingham College pupils below.


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