In support of Framlingham College’s commitment to reducing our impact on the environment, a number of school wide initiatives are launched throughout the year. Following the success of the autumn term’s Green Jumper Day, the spring term saw the launch of the Senior School’s House Energy Saving Competition.

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The emphasis and call to action to students and staff – make concerted efforts to avoid wasting electricity and sustain those savings across the half term.

The competition provides further insight to the College community regarding individual energy consumption impacts on carbon saving, and reminds people they have a key sustainability role to play.

Last term’s Green Jumper Day saw the heating turned down across the Senior School by just 3 degrees for 7 hours, with calculations demonstrating a gas saving on that day of 49 meters cubed.  This converts to a saving of over 100kg of Carbon Dioxide, the equivalent of the carbon absorbed by 5 mature trees growing for a year.

This term a combined effort of all seven houses to reduce energy use created a collective saving of 1841 kWh of electricity and 423kg of CO2, representing a significant reduction in the College’s carbon footprint.

The biggest contributor to this success and the winner of the coveted trophy was Pembroke House, who almost cut their energy use in half, achieved an energy use reduction of 44% in the first week and 47% reduction in the second week, a total saving of 527kWh.

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