In true Framlingham College style, the onus was placed on the individual for World Book Day 2021, as pupils were invited to celebrate the day in a way that represented them personally. While some pupils in Year 8 at the Prep School baked cakes which represented their favourite books, others at the senior school were asked to post on social media about their favourite books or simply to take the time to read. In sixth form, graphic novels and audiobooks were also celebrated as alternate ways of accessing books. There were of course special world book day assemblies, whereby pupils and teachers made the effort to dress up as characters from their favourite novels.

The World Book Day celebrations kicked off with Head of Sixth Form, Mr Boyd-Williams, who gave an address as part of Chapel on Tuesday, recognising that while not everyone loves to read, everyone does love stories. He drew on his own personal experiences whereby he fell out of love with reading in his teenage years before rediscovering his love for books later in life.

World Book Day 2021 is on Thursday 4th March and it began with a series of assemblies for the Prep and Senior School, where students and teachers were encouraged to dress up as characters from their favourite books. A special mention must go to Head of Design and Technology, Mr Cullum, who really stole the show in the Prep School assembly in his Biggles the pilot costume.


Mrs Drury challenged her young Prep School pupils to guess who the masked reader was via a video she created for her class to watch and spend the day posing questions about who the person behind the mask might be. Watch the video below.

The assembly also gave Head of English, Mrs Manning, the chance to show pictures of some incredible reading dens which pupils had made themselves for the purpose of finding that solitude to focus on reading. In addition, a number of pupils made special cakes for the day, celebrating their favourite books. While most made excellent replicas of their favourite book covers, Charlie, in Year 8, made a sponge cake white pistol from Anthony Horowitz’s Stormbreaker books.

Head of English at the Senior School, Mr Goldsmith, sent pupils a personal message of the importance of reading throughout life. He wrote: “I have picked up a biography of George Orwell which has been on my shelf a long while. I read an older biography when deep into an Orwell phase during my undergraduate English and History days and consider myself pretty knowledgeable about Orwell but re-reading ‘1984’ along with my Year 13s as we consider dystopian worlds and Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ has made me re-think some aspects of George Orwell’s writing. So I made the decision to dip into this rather weighty hardback! As teachers, I think it is important that we don’t stop still and, whichever subject we specialise in, it is books that help us keep developing, thinking and improving. Happy World Book Day, everyone.”

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