By: Martin Myers-Allen

Sunday 15th October 2017 saw the annual shooting competition against the OFRC captained by James Mehta. The first port of call for the OFRC was the outdoor range at the Prep School. The competition was fierce: wisdom and experience of an older OFRC squad, many dressed in GB Blazers, locking horns against a younger foe with clearer eyesight, nimble fingers and a contentious scorer. The OFRC clearly came off better in the end after the carnage of a final chaotic round, but for some reason known only to the ‘impartial’ umpire, they were informed that they fortunate to just squeeze a draw. Top shot for the OFRC was Jon Ford and for the Prep School, Walter Bruce-Miller. Walter was presented with a trophy of a mounted, decommissioned 50 calibre Browning machine gun bullet by Nigel Burnip.

The bewildered, but formidable OFRC 10 man team, the largest muster to date, moved to the College for an extended lunch and a chance to ‘lick wounds’ and re-group. Battle re-commenced on the CCF Range against a bunch of well-trained teenagers. It was an up-hill battle for the OFRC who fought valiantly and professionally, but eventually succumbed to pressure losing 891 to 935 and allowed the College to retain the prestigious Podd Trophy. Top Shot for the College was George Wright.

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