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Thanks to FramSoc, the College community were treated to a special oratorical evening of brilliance by Nick Ross (Art History Abroad) on Tuesday 25th September. He spoke on the historical significance, rare beauty and spiritual wonder of the College Chapel windows to an audience that filled the bulk of the chapel nave. As the evening progressed guests were entertained by his warmth and charm, all the while oozing academic brilliance and a wealth of detailed knowledge that only Nick can offer with so many years of experience in the world of Art History.

The College windows are in the same gothic mould as the Palace of Westminster and were created by the same artist – namely Bateman and Son. Dating back to the late 1890’s most windows have a unique flavour that reflects the College as a place of learning (West Window) or as a memorial to the three boys who lost their lives in the Scarlet Fever outbreak of 1877 (Three South Wall windows) or as a place of spiritual worship (Chancel windows).

But it was in the detail that the guests found much to wonder and cherish as Nick waxed lyrical about the spiritual significance of an apple wood spinning wheel in the West Window or how it was highly possible that the window containing the shroud of Christ was mistakingly placed in the wrong slot.

It was a thoroughly memorable and enjoyable evening with Tom Howard providing the brilliant lighting from the outside that made a study of Chapel windows at night possible. The hope is that the talk will now be documented in a small booklet celebrating one of the real treasures of the College and this Community. For further information, please contact me, the Chaplain – Rev Brynn Bayman.

Stained glass windows

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