The keynote speaker, MD of a NGO that produces Ugandan coffee, called for the delegates of Felsted School’s Model United Nations 2020, to ‘think outside the box’ ,‘to be the pioneers of the future’ and ‘to find solutions for the World’s problems.’

Mia North, Etty Hayward, Louis Marcq and Oscar Ward were amongst the youngest delegates, debating with experienced 6th formers, but they certainly participated well and stood up for their beliefs and the rights of others. In the process they discovered more about important world issues, they debated with other talented pupils and learnt how to deliver a persuasive argument.

Throughout the two-day conference, global geopolitical issues were intensely debated, and resolutions presented, discussed, amended and passed or rejected. Oscar Ward, delegate for Burkina Faso, presented a resolution to the Economic and Social committee calling for the UN to invest in mass solar farms in Africa. The resolution proposed to solve the climate change crisis by eliminating the use of fossil fuels. His resolution was intensely scrutinised by the other 40 countries in the council and he was fiercely questioned, but he gained strong support from other notable delegates and the resolution passed. This is quite an achievement by one so young and new to the MUN format. His performance was recognised with a ‘highly commended’ award in the final address and the contributions of the younger pupils were praised.

The conference ended with an emergency debate on the Russian / Baltic states crisis. Following a devastating cyclone caused by climate change, Russian troops moved into disaster struck Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia to help with aid and relief. However, Russia used the situation to take military control of the countries. How should the UN respond and what measures should be taken? Fervent debate followed.

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